Why would a man tell his wife that?

Why would a ,man tell his wife or girlfriend when he is angry that he is not obligated to anyone? Guys why would you do that, what would be the cause?


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  • Probably because during an argument, she tried to trump out what his obligations were in some way. And he was simply reminding her that he has no obligations to her or anyone else.

    In other words, he is pointing out that she is making some assumptions which could turn out to be wrong.

    • wow, guys surely think differently. Thanks much, this is a great site.


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  • I am not tying to play devils advocate with this answer. I'm obligated to my kids and my pets they are dependent on me. You as my wife or girlfriend do not have an obligation to me you make a dedication of love. If you love me and/or cherish me you decide to give of yourself it is not required. I can't obligate you to a gift can I? Love is a bird you set free it is of its on volition.

    Are you making him feel obligated? Are you trying to tell him his dedication is a commitment, i.e. an obligation?

    In a fight if you tell someone they have to do it what will they feel like and say?

    • actually wen you are married you are obligated by law to be a spouse. if you just want a girlfriend or boyfriend you don't get married.

      im not interested in marriage I think you should be together out of love not obligation but marriage S an obligation.

      A you really gave us absolutely no credible information from which to reach a reasonable conclusion.

      what actually _happened_. I e what did you say what did he say what did you say etc etc.. what was the context of the words.

      it IS a strange spousal argument.

  • A man has obligation to his wife. He has absolutely no obligation to his girlfriend.

  • Anger would obviously be clouding his judgment. When guys get angry, one of the common responses is to say they don't care about you, you mean nothing to them, they have no obligation to you, that sort of thing. Is it true? More than likely not. Maybe he's passing blame, maybe he isn't happy with something, I don't know the context.


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  • I think it is inappropriate t say that in a combative way in the midst of anger its basically saying go f*** yourself.

    anyways what actually happened?do you know why he was angry. did you respond? what did you say?

    in a marriage you are obligated to your partner as their spouse. marriage only takes place predicated on the mutual aim of being there for each other in various agreed to ways. minimally t be supportive of each other, to say one is obligated to no on at its heart is to say a person is not prepared to be a wife/ husband/ father mother.

    i don't know what happened between the two of whoever the conversation took place.

    more informatioon would make this more of a question we might help you with.

  • Just out of anger

    Probably doesn't mean it