Why do hoes get the good guys?

I'm a 20 yr. old virgin and I have not found a decent guy that is into me.Yet girls who been around town lands the good guys.They get everything they want and a marriage proposal.And I don't get even get a damn thing from a guy except what he have in is pants and I don't want that stale sh*t.I'm not understanding this.The singer Omarion married a bisexual stripper.Okay he's a good guy yet a dumb one.Why is all the guys looking past a girl like me to only be married to a girl who sleeps around.

I'm going to drop a hint on someone right quick. Just because I ask a question like this doesn't mean I'm being hostile or have a horrible life so get it right simple simonette.Being a virgin isn't bad yet you seem to think so.I hate weak females like you
Anyways besides having haters on my back sweating me.I will like to thanks the ones who had positive responses to my question instead of putting me down to make themselves feel better.I have found a guy that I do like and we communicate so well.Good Day


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  • Same here I am a virgin, but I think it has nothing to do with guys liking the slutty girls and not the nice girls al the time. It has to do with a guy liking a girl no matter what kind of a girl she is a slut or virgin. Its what a guy found attractive about her, a girl can sleep around but I don't think it makes her a slut, as long as she doesn't just sleep with everyone but when is in a meaningful relationship. I think the "slutty" girls are just less conservative and just don't take everything so seriously they just have fun and do w/e they want and don't care what people think. Just have fun and forget about the whole good guy, bad guy, nice girl, sluts w/e people are people you just have to find the right guy, and the moment you stop categorizing people and judging and just living your life you will find someone when you least expect it.

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      The reason why I judge so much is I guess you can say virginity have went to my head.It's so hard to be humble about it. I just hope I don't be a bitch by the time I find mr right.