It's not that I am against marriage....

It's just that I have no desire to do it myself.

I completely understand why some people want to, but I just don't think that a legal document validates my love anymore than a my word.

My question is why does this make me such a bad person in some people's eyes? Is it because it makes me appear unstable, or that I don't know what I want?

What is your opinion on marriage?


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  • Im the same its only a bit of paper. That one bit of paper ruins peoples lives. in the old days mareige was 'secred' now its just a way to flash the cash and a way for women to carry on believeing in a 'fairytale ending' I'm not saying love dosnt exist I just don't see the point in getting married.


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  • Maybe they assume that you are the sleeping around type and you don't want to take any responsibility. I'm not saying that's true, but it can come off like that. Also, when people say that they don't need a legal document blah blah blah, it makes them sound like a hipster, which I personally think of as tools.

    How I feel about marriage is that I like the concept but too cynical to really get behind it. I don't know how worth it it is because how many girls are that special to get married to? How many of them won't cheat or run off when they get bored? It doesn't seem like many of them are worth it.


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  • I know exactly what you mean and feel like. I was going to give a long spiel about my thoughts and experiences but the link might explain it better if you're interested.


  • It's just the "traditional" thing to want to do as you get older: get married, get a place of your own, start a family. Though I've read plenty of articles lately about more and more people just cohabitating, it's still kind of the thing to do.

    I don't blame you for not wanting to get married... though I do want to get married in the future, unless I find a guy that I'm almost 100% sure will stay faithful to me, I probably won't be getting married either.