Why am I afraid to engage with women?

I have never in my life asked out a girl and am almost never flirty at all with any women. I am always safe with all my conversations and have never had a girlfriend or anything. I don't understand why I acdt like this though since I have virtually never had a girl really dislike me but I still fear being flirty with girls. Does it have any reason to do with that my family is shy and I was bullied and fat when I was younger? I'm anymore by the way lol.


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  • I don't know... We're just people. :) I don't think we're scary lol. What's the worst that could happen?


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  • It would be probable that you fear being in a relationship.

    Or, you can't just escalate things pretty well so you always end up in the friend zone of women.

    • I don't end up in the friend zone because I don't have many women friends and the few I do have I choose to be only friends with because I don't want anything more than that with the few I know.