What's a good birthday present for my husband?

The thing is it was an arranged marriage, which is very common where my parents are from. I quite like him and I think he likes me too but I don't know him well so I have no idea what to get him.

He does boxing and he likes other material arts stuff but I can't think of anything to get him there.

Are there any general presents most men would like? All I could come up with so far is food


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  • Are you married or engaged?

    • married

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    • she said it was an arranged marriage and usually happens very quickly after meeting. her First year of marriage is going to be spent on learning about each other

    • Well yes I know that. But if it's been a few weeks to less than six months that would help me gauge a bit easier.


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  • My parents also had sort of an arranged marriage.

    Here is what you have to do. Next time, ask him what he would like for his birthday in adavnce. Then you won't need to ask when it is almost too late. Ask him what he would like for his birthday, instead of wondering what he would like and then risking getting the wrong thing. If nothing works, then get a gift card. Then he can choose himself.

  • I would suggest something he could use, not something for looks. Perhaps a punching bag shaped like a person? Those are pretty popular with martial artists. Does he have any other hobbies or interests? Like is he into music and such? If so you could get him a nice pair of headphones.

    Think about what he likes, or at least what you know so far about him. I wouldn't think he would expect very much at this point if you two have been married for a short amount of time.


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  • maybe so Bruce Lee movies he was an amazing Martail Artist.