I don't approve of my sister's wedding. How do I confront this?

My sister, age 18 and still in high school, is now engaged to a 21 year old. He didn't have a job until she told him to get one. He now works part time at minimum wage at a grocery store. He lives with his mom and has no vehicle. He doesn't have a high school diploma/GED either. My sister has never had a job. They were together for 8 months when they got engaged (in March). They are planning the wedding for this October. She wants me to be the maid of honor. I don't approve of the wedding. I think she's too young. I honestly don't want to attend the wedding or have anything to do with it. It makes me sick to my stomach. Many people are telling her it's a bad idea and to wait, but she won't listen to anyone. What's my best move?


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  • If that happened with my sister I would sabotage the relationship. Get him drunk and get a random girl to hookup with him and take explicit pics send them to her from a brand new email address you make up or a blocked cell phone number and tell her she can keep her man he was a sh*t screw. Be really upset when your sis brings it up and tell her you can't believe she wants to marry a guy like that. You can always hire someone to hookup with him, he may not be able to resist. But that's me. I just would hurt the guy for legal reasons. *I do not condone anyone pursuing these acts. This is all hypothetical and I take no responsibility for any damages.


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  • Simply tell her.

    Or don't attend as maid of honor if she still wants to push things through.

  • I agree; your sister is nowhere near ready to get married, for a variety of reasons. If you have voiced your concerns to her and she still wants to go ahead with the wedding, I would recommend being there at the wedding to support her. If you refuse to participate, it will cause family tension that could last for a long time.


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  • honestly I would personally wouldn't attend the wedding as her maid of honor. I think if you attend you should just go as a regular guest. I say that because she isn't ready. and its not because she is too young, its because there isn't anything stable. if she had a job and so did he and they were making ends meet and they had their stuff together then yeh I wouldn't be as against it. but he just got a job, she has never had one, so ehhh the love may be there but the real life stability isn't there. So I say tell her you love her but you can't be the maid of honor, you can still attend the wedding though..