How do I know if he's going to be faithful?

okay Obviously I can't spy or BE with him ALL the time but my man is faithful and NOT at all the player type we've been together for 3 year off and on just got back together and it feels 10 times stronger than before, we are SO in love! He said he's going to get me a promise ring. and we've been talking bout engagement and marriage!We are very young tho ...I'm 22 and he is 21, so my question is kinda weird I'm afraid he'll cheat so it'll like NOW that we aren't married I feel like he or I should like explore now even tho we are together I don't know I love him so much! I don't want him 2 get the urge LATER ON.


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  • Here's some questions to ask yourself

    Why have been on and off again is the 1st question?

    And did you learn anything from being on and off?

    Has anything changed since you got back together?

    Have things gotten better or worse?

    Or is it the same old,same old?

    it's like when someone has an unknown illness

    First you find out the symptom's are.

    Than you find out the problem

    Once you find out what's wrong with the patient

    You use the right drug for the patient.

    Just apply it to your relationship


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  • Over-analyzing. Over-analyzing. Giving yourself a headache.

    Trust or do not trust. It is a simple decision. Okay, maybe not that simple but making up your mind will make you much happier.

    I don't know the guy but it sounds like he is being sincere. Good luck.

  • ha! You sound like a real ball of fun.

    I've dated your personality type before and if you can't trust him, do him a favor and dump him.

    I'm not going to elaborate why.


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  • You don't know for sure. That's the thing, relationships are about taking a chance. Don't borrow trouble by worrying about something that hasn't happened. The only way you will know if you will last is with time.

  • you need to trust him. there's no way to know he'll true to you for sure, but every couple has to deal with that uncertainty, it's about faith. don't be so paranoid.

  • hes not going to cheat. innocent until proven guilty, and you have no reason to believe he would be guilty.

  • IF you don't trust him, you should stop loving him... separate yourself from him until he has earned your trust.

  • if he loves you he won't get the urge.stop thinking negative.u are in love and ur relation is great dnt try to sabotage it.have fun with the blessings you both have.try to keep ur relation exciting and fun and most imp.always be best friends and he ll never cheat

    • OMGOSH your SO right our relationship TRULY is SOLID like a ROCK we love each other SO much! I have nothing to worry about! I shouldnt be so worried bout nothing that has NEVER happened b4

  • if you don't trust him then this relationship is going to fall may think your so in love now, but let him find out that your already questioning his faithfullness to you and he'll be falling out of love with you fairly quickly.