How to end an engagement when he won't except it.

Tried on several occassions to end my 3 year relationship. we've been engaged for 2 years and over that time he slowly became someone else. He's been verbally abusive, spending nights at the pub until 3am most weekends. He says he's changed his ways, stopped drinking as much and hasn't been to the pub for a few months. But were living separately due to his behavior and I suspect he's been cheating for sometime now. I have tries so many times to end things but my life is very depressing and I always get sucked by in by his manipulation and lies. Grrr! Need to end things for real and move . The sex is so good, how do I stay away...

It is possible I am completely responsible. But isn't that how proof enough I'm being manipulated. I want out but he leaves me feeling like it's my fault. I didn't do anything to ruin things. I tried so hard to make it work. I wanted to work it out but it's been another mistake each time. I love him but need to put my child first. She is clearly affected by his bad behavior . He is amazing for me in blot of ways but she dose not deserve to be around when he is abusive again.


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  • End things and then cut him off completely after you end it. Block his number or change yours. Whenever he sends you a Facebook message, delete it before reading it. Move your stuff out when he's at work. Basically you have to do some drastic sh*t and shock yourself (and him) in order to get out of this. it's like waxing, you can either rip the strip off quickly and get it over with..or you can draw it out and peel it slowly and still probably not even get all the hair off

    • Your so right. I've been on that path, just scared of what he might do. I'll just call the police if he tries anything. He works around the corner from my parents house and I'm there alot. Maybe I should tell him I'm dating someone else after I've left. Its the only way to get him to give up. Otherwise he'll never stop trying.


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  • You tell him your no longer in love with him and that your willing to still have sex with him but you will be dating other men, this should break the cord on whatever your or he is holding on to, but be warned, this can become volatile,x

  • Stop acting like you are not responsible for your own actions. Once you do that, everything else falls into place.

  • Distance yourself and cut off contact completely.


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