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Guyen times, If you live with your significant other do you tend to 'take care of yourself' instead of trying to sleep with your significant other?

How often would you say you do that?

I just recently moved in with my fiance and I am starting to realize that he will do that when I am home and he doesn't try to start something between us first. I'm starting to worried that he isn't attracted to me if he would rather please himself than try to sleep with me. I have had a high drive lately and I have told him that. I've even tried to get things started on more than one occasion and he said he didn't want to.

Is this normal behavior?


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  • eh, its sometimes easier to just rub one out, with a girl you have to do foreplay and it takes forever, when I go to wank it just takes like 10-20 minutes and same basic effect, that being said, I would never pass up on a chick to wank, unless I thought she was fugly...


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  • How would you feel eating the same meal for dinner every night?,There's your answer, try a new outfit or something different.

  • I would say its not normal but is much easier, try spice things up and make more of an effort there's no shame in it. If he is still the same then unfortunate his not interested.

  • Yes, I tend to take care of myself more.

  • Far from normal.

    I live with my girlfriend. We have sex at least once a day. Sometimes I masturbate too just for the hell of it.

    Being able to have sex more frequently is one of the benefits of living together.


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