What girl would want to marry a guy that was just engaged to someone else?

A guy I dated in college was engaged to a girl for 2 weeks, and then broke it off. He started talking to me again, but I told him I was done with the flirting and texting every day if he just wanted to be "friends". Anyways...now he's engaged to a completely different girl, less than 2 months since he broke it off with the other one. He's in the marines and in training right now, but will be getting married in August when he finishes his training. What girl in her right mind would want to marry a guy that was just engaged to another girl less than 2 months ago?!


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  • Hell no.

    That to me looks like a red flag. First of all, it seems like he was either...

    A.) having an affair with this girl to even build an emotional/mental bond grand enough to decide he wants her to be his wife

    B.) Just plain stupid and rushing into marriage.

    A girl who is either not very smart and hasn't learned from the tons of negative examples of why you should not get married too soon or in love with the idea of love


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  • There is an old saying " why is sunset more colorful than sunrise?'' It is an irony of life saying '' sometimes good things happen in goodbyes''

    You did the right thing don't look back

  • Desperation, not knowing he was engaged before, denial that it's a red flag, etc. It's sad. He's probably rebounding, and she's probably super lonely or in love with the wedding fantasy.

    • She knows that he was engaged before because he asked her to come see him, and she wouldn't because he was engaged. She wouldn't come see him until after he broke it off with the other girl.

    • Oh lovely, he tried to cheat. -_- This girl doesn't know the pain she's getting into; he's probably going to cheat on her too.

  • My mom always said to never date used goods especially if you yourselfvis not used. Poor girl.

  • No girl