What do you think of my decision? Should I have met him?

I'm from a culture where arranged marriage is really common. I'm fine with arranged marriage, but I just want to get to know the guy before we get married.

A family contacted my parents. They have a son about 5 years older than me. He sounded amazing from what they were saying. He met all my qualities from what his parents said about him. I'm fine with marrying a guy 5 years older than me too.

I was a little hesitant to meet him because I know I'm too young for that type of thing.. I haven't even graduated undergrad yet. He's a lot more mature than me and financially stable. I decided I wouldn't meet him yet because I know I'm not ready and I think school should be my priority at least until I graduate.

Do you think I should have met him anyways? I'm guess I'm asking this question to help me figure out if I chose not to meet him because I'm afraid or if I made the right decision because I know I'm not ready. I'm not expecting you guys to answer my question for me, just some input would be nice! I like hearing different points of view.

What do you think? What would YOU have done?


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  • I wouldn't met him either, if I have some priorities that I think are way much more important than marriage then I would just try to be true to myself


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  • You answered your own question! You said so yourself you are not ready. So I would be proud of yourself, because it takes guys to do what is best for you and not everyone else. :)

    • Thank you, I didn't think of it that way :)

    • Your welcome! And I meant to say guts not guys haha.

  • I think I would have given him the chance.

  • I guess you made the best decision because you aren't doing something you aren't that comfortable with it.