HELP! Is the person deluded or is it reality?

If a girl believes that a man(who has never spoken to her, never stares much at her, hardly ever smiles at her) somewhere(like in an organization or whatever) loves her. Lets assume the girl is single and finding someone and the man matches her ideal criteria of partner. And she completely 100% believes that he loves her, but in reality, he has hardly ever spoken to her. But she says that she feels that he loves her and is infatuated with her. 8 months forward, the girl comes to know that the guy was engaged and now getting married(arranged marriage, he was single). He(the guy), himself, gives his wedding card to the girl and invites her to come and attend his wedding. Upon this, the girl believes that the guy loved her and he only gave her the wedding card because he wanted to let her know that he is getting married now(for e.g. its an arranged marriage).

A day before the guy gave her the invitation card, she asked him for his number but he refused to give her. On this, she believes that he must have been so much sad on his wedding because he actually loved her but can't get married due to family pressures, that's why he refused to give the number, and his behavior was different in the beginning. She says she FEELS he is highly infatuated with her etc.

In reality, the guy hardly ever spoke to her, hardly ever stared her or smiled at her. But she blindly believes that he is into her despite of him not giving his number to her and giving his wedding card for invitation quite neurally. Is she deluded or is it a reality?


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  • She is crazy.

    That's the thing about crazy people. They don't know they are crazy.


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  • Could be an erotomaniac delusion.

  • If she knows for sure without a doubt that he's hiding he's true feelings, then its possible. Won't be the first time someone is entering a loveless marriage. But if he hasn't confessed he's feeling of love to her then in my opinion it's not reality. On the other hand given the fact that this is an arranged marriage it's not SO crazy. People all over the world enter arranged marriages everyday because it's part of there culture. And that is reality.

    • By this you mean, that if he has told her, or said something like that. Told her that he likes her. Because unless he hasn't told her, confessed his feeling of love to her, then how can she be 100% possible that he loves her? Its not possible!

    • If he hasn't confessed his love to her or someone they both know; then it's delusional. We've all had feelings at some point that someone likes us without them saying it. But that's just a feeling and you can't run around saying they love you. Because your deluding yourself.

    • Well yeah I understand. If someone has not confessed his direct love to a person, we cannot say that he loves/likes him/her.

      And what is your opinion about a scenario, where a man hasn't said 'those 3 words' but said many things indirectly, sharing his feelings?

  • She would be delusional, yes.

  • She's just crazy. He doesn't love her. And she doesn't love him just lustfully obsessed with him.