Congratulations on the engagement?

So the other day I ran into my ex boyfriends mother and she co congratulated me on getting engaged (im not engaged) I later told my boyfriend that there are rumours going around that we are engaged.… His response was "We could be" I thought he was teasing me so I replied with "Thats a mean thing to tease about" he then replied with "was I teasing...?" I wanted to ask if he was serious or not but the subject changed so I didn't have the opportunity to ask...… What do you think? Serious or just teasing me?


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  • He's probably weighing the issue, and hasn't made up his mind quite yet. The rumors indicate that you are very seriously involved and very near to being engaged...

    Yes, he no doubt WAS serious! Maybe not totally decided on the issue, but serious all the same!


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  • I'm hoping he's teasing because, if he's not, that's the lamest proposal ever!

    • lol I have to agree with you... If he wasn't teasing it is a lame proposal

  • You'd have to ask him.


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  • I think you should have asked at that moment if he was

    Serious or not... I think it would be silly now to ask about it lol

    How long you two been together?

  • wait how your EX boyfriends mom know your boyfriend?

    • and I agree you need to ask him, no one else knows but him

    • im trying to understand how you can get engaged to your ex boyfriend when you two are not together

    • ummm I don't talk to my ex boyfriend he went for my best friends so no... I hate him... I've been with my current boyfriend for 9 monthes

  • I think that he's "testing the waters". By this I mean that he threw out that response to see what your reaction would be. Getting back together with you is probably something he's had in his mind for a while now. But if this is a recent break up, it may just be because he's either regretting the break up or he's just missing you terribly. And he may be mistaking those feelings for wanting to ask you to marry him. If you've been missing him, too, then maybe the two of you should talk about it. Maybe you'll decide to get back together, maybe not. But there was a reason for the break up, so an engagement is not going to make that reason magically disappear. But if the two of you get back together (if that's what you decide), then taking things slowly will allow you time to fix whatever broke you up in the first place. After things are fixed, then an engagement may be in your future! Good luck! I hope this goes the way you'd like it to...

    • She wasn't saying it was her ex that said it. It was her current boyfriend

    • Whoops! Yeah, I completely missed that and just went off on a tangent...