How should the ring purchasing go?

Typically the man purchases the engagement ring. Now I was looking at the prices the other day because I was bored (yeah, found the one(s) I like :p) and I discovered that the engagement ring is roughly the same price as the his and her wedding bands combined.

Would it be fair for the man to buy the engagement ring and the woman to buy the wedding bands then? Assuming they're splitting the cost of the entire wedding?

Or, if they're going traditional, does the bride's parents (who generally foot the bill) pay for all three rings? Just the wedding bands?

Or should the man buy both the engagement ring and her wedding band? Or does he just buy all three?

Or is it basically a case by case issue?

Just curious on your thoughts.


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  • Mhm... It depends on what you want, how expensive it is, your/partner budget.

    Me? I would let him buy it- he is the man, the one with the pants for a reason. But I wouldn't let him choose the weeding bands on his own, I would go with him, so that we get something that we both like.With the engagement ring he can surprise, I don't have a problem.

    The only reason I would buy or contribute is if the one I liked was super expensive and he can't afford it.

    In my culture it's an insult for the female to buy the rings. >


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  • The brides parents never pay for the rings.

    I think he should buy the engagement ring. It's up to you on whether or not you want to buy the wedding bands or split the cost.

  • i don't know the etiquette involved, I've always seen/heard the guy pays for all 3


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  • I think its a personal choice. Traditionally speaking the man pays for the engagement ring and it should be equal to roughly three months pay. I think The Bride and Groom split the cost of the wedding bands, the Bride pays for her own wedding dress and any bridesmaid dresses and the Brides parents pay for the reception. The Groom is supposed to cover any costs related to Himself and the Groomsmen.

    But this is the modern world and it depends on your budget and how you both want to do this, not many people want or can afford to go by traditional norms anymore. Do whatever your both comfortable with and can financially afford.

  • i think the mand is the one that always buys it

  • Maybe go with him to pick out rings. Personally, I'd pay for his.