How to have the most magnetic, engaging vibe in the room?

Is there a way to master this?

I'm not concerned with being the prettiest or aving the cutest outfit; I want to be the most magnetic! I want to be that girl that people are inexpilicably drawn to and can't help but gravitate towards. Any helpful tips or thoughts on this?


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  • Absolutely you can master the art of a magnetic personality. Where there is a will there is a way!

    What I try and do is pretend like I know everyone I engage with even when I'm just meeting them for the first time. I treat everyone as if we're already friends. I try to be genuinely interested in each person I speak with and I'm all for making a spectacle of myself so long as others are enjoying themselves.

    Smiles and laughs. That's what it's all about. Make people feel they're in the right place.


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