Should I return her childhood pictures?

Here's some background information.

She is originally from another country and I petitioned her to come over as a fiancee. After she came here, we planned to get married and actually got hitched. However, after the first day, she had second thoughts and wanted out of the marriage. She even ran away from home on the fourth day of us being married. Eventually, she came back and I talked to her. She wanted to go back to her home country and I agreed that she should and she needed time to herself.

Anyway, long story short, she emailed me and said she did not want to be married to me. Needless to say, this is a pretty brutal way to end things, but at least now I can kind of laugh about it.

So tonight I just received a text message from her cousin asking me if I could return the ex's baby pictures. I have them because we had a montage made of when we were little to our present selves for the wedding reception. This is actually the only thing I have from her that belongs to her.

On the other hand, she has the laptop, ring, and cell phone I bought her and that totals about $2,000. This is also not to mention the money I spent on her for immigrating over and the wedding and reception.

My question is, should I answer the cousin and return the pictures to her? Should I ask for payment back for the things she has taken? I know for sure they won't pay for the wedding, reception, and the rest, but I at least kind of want compensation back for the things she took. Or should I just be an ahole and not give into their demands?


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  • Yes return them . Those are important to have and it would show you have a lot of character and integrity don't be ruled by your emotions

    • Thanks for your reply. I genuinely thought about this and I just can't find it within myself to be an ahole. I know that she hurt me badly and I hate that she broke it off with me through email. I will return her pictures and hopefully karma will treat me well :)

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  • ask for payments and when its paid in full return her items, it is only fair

    • I will definitely ask them for payment back and hopefully they are willing to return the stuff I gave her. I will still give her the pictures back though.

  • yes return them


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  • She got a free stateside vacation out of her rich American boyfriend. Find out what else she stole when she left. Then get the wedding annulled.

    • Oh yeah. Your question. Tell her to mail you your property, and then ship em out. If she refuses, te

      L her to get stuffed and that you burned the things. Keep enough pics of her to ID her to interpol if she gets jiggy with your credit.

    • Thanks. All the legal stuff is done and over with so it's time to move on with my life. On the bright side, I'm free to win the lottery now without having to split anything with her :D

  • I have to say damn I'd be pissed and call her F*#ng stupid for even marrying me In the first place and that if she wanted the pictures back she should come back and get them herself. This would also give you a chance to woo her with a special song or voluble at your house and you could perhaps beg her to please come back to you.

    • Thanks. I am actually happy with another girl right now. I count this as the bullet that missed me and I should focus on being happy with my new girlfriend. However, I will definitely make sure she is the right one before I propose to her.

    • Great idea

  • Sounds like you are getting f***ed. To be mature and a bigger person you should take the loss and return the pictures. Ask for the stuff back and you might get it back. Sorry for your ordeal man.

    • Thanks. I will definitely do this.

    • No problem. I bought a 7 thousand dollar engagement ring and never got that back so I know how you feel.