Someone please shine some light on my situation? its pretty sad.

i used to be the funnest guy until I met my fiancé, at 24 we started dating, and now we are engaged after 4 years of dating, She is a great girl, good family, italian. BUt she doesn't party at ALL , hates my friends only ikea one person in this world and its her best friend and her sister.

She can't live with me until marriage, so I have to live at my house with my parents so that we can save for a house. So basically I save all my money with only $500 a month for leisure, we don't go out, we sit on our asses and watch dumb shows on TV and she leave my house at 10 on Friday and Saturday nights.

Part of me wants to end this dreadful life and go out be single again live on my own and say screw it. Can someone shine light on this please.

Needless to say there is NO SEX IN MY LIFE , a BJ once a month / Or sex once a month when we get that small window of opportunity if parents leave.


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  • HAHAHA….babe you're not ready to get married. From what I'm told, sex and excitement pretty much dies after the newlywed years. So if you're pissed now….uhhhh...

    But! What I will say is that you should count your blessings. Some guys would die for a woman who would just sit the f* down somewhere! Your girl will provide a stable household for you and your children (if you want children, that is). Maybe telling her that she's sexy, buying her something cute (not slutty) for bed, etc will make her feel in the mood.

    Good luck :)

    • thanks for your comment. i like your perspective.

      we both live with our parents she has 2 jobs and doing her masters so basically I'm so ready cheat on her but i can't do it because i don't want to put myself in that situation

      I'm just torn between giving up and holding on for dear life.

      knowing that people live with each other and have sex just kills me.

      the girl is gorgeous and obviously i think she's worth it but do you think i should go to a strip club or something to get my mi

    • i know she's the one and there's no denying that but i am going nutssss i don't think I've had sex this year yet

    • Yes, strip clubs may help, but it may tempt you to cheat in the end. If she's cool with it and you can control yourself then I say go for it! Sounds like she'd be a bit taken back, though. If she has a problem with it, then I would tell her that you'd much rather watch her ;-)


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  • As much as you love her, is this how you want to spend the rest of your life? Eventually you WILL regret this kind of life and that's just a fact. you cannot marry a person just because of their looks and y'all just don't seem compatible... this is coming from a normal type of fun loving girl that could not live in such a boring way I mean you only get one life :(

  • Why do you wanna marry her? Would you be able to live perfectly fine without her?

  • It seems like a very bad sign If you feel this resentful and bitter about the whole thing and you're not even married yet, whether or not she's really all wrong for you, or your ideal match and you just can't see it, it will never work for either of you if this is your's not like you'd be doing her any great favor in the long run by staying with her while secretly resenting her the whole time, everyone deserves the chance to with someone who truly appreciates them.


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  • HAhah..but it's a fact she's hot right? There are certain types of people (search schizoids) that have difficulties to express emotions for many reasons, or plain simply are boring. In this case I would do a pro and con list. Since I don't know her, and based on your information she's like a terribly BORING person, but it seems she has something to make it all up, or you're way below her level. While making that list just remember...screw it..if she's's totally worth it so yeah stick with her.

    • that made me laugh, She is in fact hot , she's an 8.5-9 when she's all dolled up, skinny blue eyes.

      but BOOOORRRINNNNGGG DUDE. I'm a 7 and at best an 8 when tanned and ripped.

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    • I have a totally different opinion on that but it's all up to you, and how you feel best in this situation.

    • please explain your opinion

  • Thats marriage buddy might as well learn to convert.

  • You can always become a player and sleep around; or just get yourself one mistress ...or many more, like Berlusconi ;)