Being single or being married, which do you fear more?

It's a pretty simple question, I think. Which do you fear more?

Like, being single I don't want to be this way forever

and would like to get married. But, on another hand.

As much as my parents marriage as been a good example

for me, of what real love looks like. There's some things

about their marriage and how my dad can be, that make me

kinda leary about marriage. So, I guess I fear both.

How about you?


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  • Since I've already done both, I have nothing to fear. But I suspect you weren't asking married people, only people who have never been married.

    However, I can still answer this question by describing what it was like and how I felt when I was younger.

    At 19, the thought of it made me want to hide and never re-appear. OMG SO SCARY! The idea was totally preposterous. I did think maybe "some day", and "some day" was like "really long ways away"... I didn't give it a number though. I was thinking like 40 or something lol.

    At 22, I was I wasn't really thinking about it, but I had an international visa problem and a perfectly good relationship I wanted to keep...I promised her if she couldn't get back I'd file for a K-visa (marriage to an American). Well, she got back OK anyway, but it got me to thinking that I was willing to do it. So if I was willing, then what am I waiting for?

    So I got married the next year lolololol :) I didn't really think about it. Then like 2 months later it suddenly hit me. omg... I'm MARRIED! aaaahhhhhh!

    • How do you like being married?

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    • Thanks. My mom has been married for 50 years and has privately told me (when I was over 30, not when I was a kid), that she felt the marriage to my dad was a "mistake." She has suffered much. I think people are right to fear it, even if myself is one of the success stories I know that is not true for everyone.

    • You're welcome. And, sorry to hear that about your mom : ( My parents have been married for 36yrs and have had there ups and downs, but they always get through it and they truly love each other. And, that's important.

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  • Being married. I'm not afraid of being single.

  • im not afraid of either, but I have no intention of getting married.

    • if yo want marriage but don't want your parents marriage, then don't allow your husband to act like your dad does, and don't act like your mom. stand up for yourself and be firm .

  • I wouldn't say I fear either although I have no interest in being married at this point.

  • I would fear both, both have there ups and downs

  • Married.