What to wear to an engagement party?

I'm going to an engagement party on Saturday and I have this cute casual top that I want to wear, its black and white. I know my sister is wearing a cotton purple dress, but I don't have any since that's not really my style. I thought about wearing white pants with it but their quite revealing and my whole family's gonna be there lol..would it be acceptable to wear just jeans and heals with the top?


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  • i'd wear a dress. jeans are definitely not acceptable. if I were the bride, I'd be peeved, lol..

    BUT! it depends on the people getting married, where the engagement party is, ie; is it a bbq or in a wedding hall? id still choose the dress tho


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  • I'm sure the girls will help you out, but from a guys perspective I thought it was more of a event where youd wear a dress?


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  • NO JEANS!...hehe I used to be a girl that hated it dresses and stuff... and I had to go to this wedding and I had nothing to wear...and couldn't go with jeans or a pants my whole family was there... I ended up wearing a skirt with a nice top and not very high heels

    so if you don't really wanna wear a dress... you could wear plain skirt and nice top

    hope that helped=)