If a marriage last for a year and the relationship was for maybe 4 years and if the wife left the husband and got in a relationship right away?

If the wife left her husband which were only married for a year but were going out for 4 and she right away got with someone else does that mean she could have cheated on him? Or already had this other person? And how do men deal with this!


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  • It depends on how happy or unhappy their marriage was. I was really happy when I got rid of my ex-wife. So there really wasn't anything for me to deal with. If it happened suddenly when he was still in love with her, I don't think it would be any different that when a girlfriend breaks up with him.

    Most men realize at this point marriage is just a piece of paper someone can t destroy the moment they aren't 100% satisfied in the relationship. So most guys I talk to don't even consider marriage a real commitment. So a divorce isn't much different than a boyfriend and girlfriend breaking up.


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  • Men should deal with this by not getting married really young.

    How men deal with this scenario depends on their personality. They could crack out the champagne and sing 'I'm free, I'm free' or he could take that very personally and hunt down your new man.

    You know this person best. You should already know how he will react.

    • If the woman left him and got with 2 different guys could that mean she didn't loved him anymore? And possibly already had the other man in mind before she left him?

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  • Presumably we're talking about you being left by your husband and he was cold enough to immediately go with someone else.

    It's common for a lot of men (not ALL men! and women too) to not be comfortable with experiencing and processing really strong, unpleasant emotions, especially those that have to do with vulnerability, pain, and failure. They aren't good at dealing with things they can't "fix". Therefore, it's not uncommon for a lot of men to avoid the horrible feelings associated with a failed relationship by immediately trying to immerse themselves in something new, including having casual sex just to avoid thinking or feeling about the sad fact that their marriage failed even though they never wanted it to go that way. This may be what happened.

    Of course there are many people, male and female, who are too weak and selfish to wait until their marriage is over before they look for distractions rather than working on their broken marriage if they don't have the courage to leave it. He may well have been a cheater.

    More importantly than that though, is why spend so much energy in hurting yourself by thinking about him cheating if it's not going to change the outcome of things? If you THINK he cheated or was interested in someone else before he left the marriage, then you're going to suffer and feel the pain of him cheating, whether it is true or not!

    Don't torture yourself because you can not get what you want, which is proof he WASN'T a cheating, unfaithful pig. You can never prove a negative. All you can do is prove a positive, prove he did cheat if you are so inclined to do that to yourself, but what do you gain from that besides more pain and heartache? If the marriage is truly over, just let it go and don't torture yourself imagining such painful things. Be kinder to yourself than that.

  • It means they should have never gotten married and that the woman is a scumbag.