Complacent fiance, stressed fiance?

I am with this man for almost three years now, we got engaged last year and I am looking forward to plan to settle down. However, there are things that are scaring me.. The first year went well, as usual for the honey moon phase but during that I already know that he wasn't a romantic person. The next year, too many things happened. He left his job and was jobless for more than a year, being unable to find any. In between he did few part time jobs but he was really depressed. He really didn't spend much time with me, even his family. He had arguments with them and really kept to himself. I struggled to hold on because I started to fear that I would lose him. The fear and insecurities I had due to my past relationship of 5 years with a man who had cheated on me started increasing. Somehow we managed to pull through but recently, I started feeling that he has become complacent as I have always been there for him no matter what and I feared a lot to communicate my unhappiness with him as I fear that I will lose this relationship. How do I get this message across to him that he is being complacent and I am not very happy about it?


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  • You must let him know your feelings! Don't be confrontational or harsh. Just open up a discussion and voice your concerns. He may not realize there has been a change in his behavior, or he may just be stressing over how he is going to take care of you in his current job situation. If he really loves you he will respect your feelings.

    • I guess so.. I am thinking of opening up to him too. It hasn't been easy and he just found a job.. still getting used to it

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  • Just tell him! If you lose him oh well at least you didn't marry a loser right?