Is long-term marriage a real deal?

Do you think marriages, even those with no attachment like kids, have shelf lives? i. e those that stay in it forever only do it just because it is somewhat socially impressive and also saves effort doing it all over again? Do they have the kind of connection they had all through from the beginning till the possible end?


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  • people used to fix things, and fix them again, and again, just patch em up and keep them going. now we just consume till we've had our fill, then go consume some more, and the institution of marriage is not immune.

    marriages once were very much life long, i look at my own parents being married for 40+ years, and my grand parents 65+ years, and it makes me somewhat sad to think that long relationships are slowly fading away.

    • I like the point you made about it fading away. It's one of the reason I asked the question. How easy is that in the current generation?

    • in the current generation, i think marriages that will actually last till death do us part, is only going to happen when someone gets so angry that the kill the other lol

      i know that is sort of dark, but just look at the way we treat jobs these days. people used to stay in the one job 10-20 years at times, now days, people get bored after a year or two and move on, looking for other things or better pay.

      everything is becoming more and more disposable.


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  • I think its possible. I have my grandparents to show me that is can happen. They celebrated their 63rd wedding anniversary December last year. Whenever i ask my grandmother how they stayed together so long she says it takes a lot of work and sacrifice. That you can't just say you're going to be married and expect it to be all roses all the time. There are moments of difficulty and doubt and its all rolled up in there with the good stuff. My grandfather died two weeks after their anniversary and even today my grandmother cried because she missed him being at her side.

    • Thanks for your response. It just seems like more people, nowadays, often decide to let go other than make the marriage work during its tough times.

    • That's very true. I look for couples like my grandparents for inspiration for my relationships. One of the last things my granddad said to me was that i shouldn't settle for mediocre when it comes to love because he found everything he wanted with my grams... it kinda hit home for me.

  • Lol Yeah its the real deal. My parents are the perfect example. They're still happy together 30 years later.


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  • Yes, although I wouldn't necessarily call it a "shelf life".