What is marriage like? Give some insight, please.

What do you think about marriage? Do you believe in logical marriage than love marriage?


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  • It is tough but can be very rewarding. Its not for the players, selfish or lazy. If you're with the right person, it can be the biggest blessing of your whole life. If you're with the wrong person, it can be the biggest curse of your life. Not for the faint of heart. Move slow.


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  • its sharing everything, until you get a divorce and take everything. lol, im sorry, this was just a bad joke that i saw somewhere. Marriage is the same as living together, except it just became official. not much more to it.

  • Marriage is great for women, low risk/high reward, but for men that's inverted. I don't know any first marriages that made it, and I've been to tons of weddings. I personally don't see why any man would want to get married in today's environment.

    • God! Dont say that. :) What is the point hanging out every night , hooking up with dfferrent girl every day! ( it seems interesting though:) You will end up being miserable. We need affection, kindness care etc. Everyone needs to settle down, one day believe me.

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    • "Won't you do it just to make her happy?"

      Hell no

    • Ok dont do it then. I dont know what is your relationship understanding , i think i dont want to know either :) byeee

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  • I think logical marriage is a waste of time. If u have no feelings toward a person then what the hell do u want to be with them for? I married for love. I understand why some people marry for logic like kids and whatnot. But it'll never work. There will always be insecurities unless an open marriage or the fact that they just don't care is fine. But then y get married?

  • The end of all love between two people.