What does being married even mean anymore?

The numbers are in, men wanting to get married is trending down and women wanting to marry is trending up.

Recently i saw a Facebook pic gone viral captioned "don't play wifey, until he makes you a wife" and the responses from both sexes wasn't at all suprising - the women were like "hell yeah!!" and the men were like "if you don't act like a wife, why would we marry you." It seems to me that the sexes are unified in their positions that seem to be in conflict with each other.

What do you think about this - further, how do you define modern gender roles? Who does what, what does a wife even look like anymore - what does a husband look like?


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  • Marriage is more religion than anything else if you read the bible (a lot of people these days don't go to church so they don't know a lot of answers to the questions they ask on some aspects) it is a sanctified union to show the Lord and to your friends and family that you love this person forever and you want to grow a family and grow old together the rings on your finger symbolizes the circle of life and the never ending love that you share. Also the work part of a wife and husband is equality one (preferably the man based on religion) works the other takes care of all house hold things and both take care of children if you have any the one that takes care of the home has what i call first shift of the kids then when the one works come home has a nice little break then takes the second shift of kids


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  • Husband + Wife = Two people who are contributing members of society, interested in a monogamous relationship, will work towards saving up money so that they can do fun things together (vacations) and potentially start a family, hard-working, won't throw in the towel and scream 'Divorce!' at the slightest hint of discord, loyal to each other, capable of bending but not breaking, share household responsibilities...

  • @The numbers are in, men wanting to get married is trending down and women wanting to marry is trending up.

    interesting. studies i read said just the opposite.


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  • marriage is sucks. there is nothing there, beleive me!