Attractive women married to unattractive men have happier marriages? What do you think about this study?

UCLA found that couples where the woman was more attractive had better marriages.

Contrasting, marriages in which the man was more attractive were not as healthy.

Do you agree with the study?
Why or why not?


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  • intresting article..thanks for sharing.


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  • Sure. They married up and got what they wanted.

    Guys who marry down on looks usually are messed up in other ways that would likely sabotage the marriage.

    Women who are marrying a guy who is less good looking (common) are typically marrying a guy who is more stable and earns.

    Now if that idea seems unappealing, she's not going to be happy. But if she wanted that, she's likely to get what she was looking for.

  • I want to see it as guys are more loyal to women that are above their league, because if they leave that marriage there's no telling if they'll find another person just as good.

    The guys that are more attractive are likely to be more egotistical, because they can think "yeah, I can find someone better." and that's what they'll do.

    Women's standpoint I want to see it as this

    Women that are more attractive, would love the guy for who they are which is likely to go for a longer relationship.

    Women less attractive would be that they'll probably gain insecurity if they're good enough for who they're with causing a bit of conflict.

    I want to agree on the idea of the study because I see it like that.

  • Too true... too true... u should realize that ugly men would literally treat beautiful women like goddesses and handsome men would treat them like trash

  • I think it spells good news for all men that are not highly attractive

  • Duh. This is common sense.

    • I wouldn't think so. Common sense would make you think couples matched on the attractiveness scale would be happiest

    • That's how it shakes out, but I don't think that's ideal. But really, it doesn't matter. Marriage is so 1950s.

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  • Its usually only ugly guys that have lots of money.

  • I think that only a certain type of woman goes for men she doesn't find sexually attractive...

    ...generally women who want attention and money.

    So a relationship with clear cut and shallow guidelines (man = money, woman = looks & sex) is easier than a well developed and dynamic relationship based on two people trying to fill all of each other's needs.

    The couples saying they're happy doesn't mean that they have a conventional marriage where there aren't outsiders filling other roles (additional sex partners, etc).

    • I'm aware. Did you even read the study? And it wasn't about how the woman rated his attractiveness. Outsiders rated the couples attractiveness and that's what they used as "attractive or unattractive"

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    • Yeah, I've read it. But nearly all women find attractive men more sexually desirable than unattractive ones.

    • Also, I should note that it's probably the wealthy man who has additional (paid) sex partners, because his wife likely has fairly bland sex with him.