Uh WTF is going on? Advice please!

So I am getting married in 2 weeks.. And my fiances mother is telling everyone she is staying at our house on our wedding night? Uh NO! I know, and gave her permission to stay 2 nights before that but never said wedding night. Then i said something to her about it and she said she had no where else to stay! WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO?


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  • Get her a motel room or you go to a motel tell her that it's your wedding night unless she wants to hear what a marriage couple on there wedding night sounds like then she needs to get a motel room 2 nights the cheapest is a little over a hundred at least where I'm at that's the cost.


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  • Keep panicking. That's the best idea.

    • haha i'm panicking! she doesn't need to know what goes on. Isn't it common sense to leave the couple alone?

    • It is. She clearly lacks this. It's okay though; even if she is there on that night you have the next morning to "consummate".

  • Agreed. The best option is to by hysteric about it.


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  • How about putting her up in a hotel?

    • She refuses. So we may end up staying in a hotel that night i guess

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    • Well you know her better than me (literally), but I can't even imagine how stressful that would be. Just don't let that affect your wedding and enjoy wedding and husband.

    • Thank you hun!

  • That's very rude of you.No respect for your soon to be husband mother...

    • How exactly am i being rude?

    • It is. ..rofl. And besides you guys r just getting marry

    • that's not an answer. how is it rude? It's rude that i want to be with my husband on my wedding night?