Why don't guys like 2 cuddle?

Why don't guys like 2 cuddle? so guys y don't you like 2 cuddle?


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    Maybe it is the term lol...

    Seriously, I am fine with the logistics of it, but the fact we call it cuddling,I really wish there was a more neutral common term for it.

    I remember when I met my boyfriend & I was sitting on t other side of the room, cause I had never been there&bi was trying it find a comfortable place to be, & he said, " can I come be with you" It was so cute, & so not cheesy , which I was ever so great-ful for.

    He also says stuff like "How are you doing over there?"- meaning come be with me.

    So, I am fine with the cuddling,but I would sooner not cuddle the say lets cuddle.

    I am honestly surprised that so many people have no problem with the word lol

  • My boyfriend is pretty dominate in bed and he likes to cuddle. Not all guys are the same in that area.

  • I think that's like ... individual. My dude and I cuddle alot- but he's the one who wants it. I could do fine without it, however, cuddling is so nice =P

  • everyone is different. some girls don't like it either.

  • i don't know how many guys you've met who doesn't like to cuddle

    but there are [ plenty ] out there.

    a guy I'm talking to absolutely [ loves ] cuddling --its soo cute--

    and the last time I was with him

    he was the one to initiate the cuddle while we were watching a movie.

  • My boyfriend loves cuddling. He says that he finds it extremely comfortable when we are laying on the couch. We cuddle a lot when falling asleep but we never wake up cuddling though. I think he likes cuddling even more than I do.

  • most of the guys I have dated love cuddling! try talking to your guy. I'm sure he'll understand.

  • Hmm - but they do :3

    They just enjoy other things as well. My hubby loves to cuddle :D

    We try to make a habit of it whenever he gets home from work.

  • my ex loved cuddling.

    I don't like cuddling. I mean, it's nice for like 5min, but then I feel suffocated. and I can't sleep that way. when we're awake and say, watching a movie, cuddling is great, but when I want to sleep I need space, I don't like arms around me - they're just heavy.

    clearly, it's an individual thing, and not a gender thing. perhaps the guy you're referring to is just one of those people who don't care for cuddling that much.

  • I love to cuddle. It gives me the "know" that this girl really is into me enough to sit there and hug up to her man. Nothing quite feels the same. though sex is half the time what I want it to lead to, but that's just natural thought, can't help it. Cuddling is the showing of our affection to one another. That's why even sometimes I pick out a scary movie to watch, because it makes me feel like she really trusts me the way she grabs on tight when scared. Love being snugged tight with my girl. So I don't know why some of these wusses think cuddling is lame, just shows how they are egotistic and think of mostly sex; or think that a man shouldn't show his emotions to a girl. Screw that, I want to be showed that she loves hugging up to me and holding me.

  • Cuddling is best done naked and after the f***ing is done.

  • I believe it's a good thing to cuddle with your woman, I personally like it and see nothing wrong with it.

  • If I'm caressin' I'm undressin'

  • I like it, but it usually leave me wanting more.

  • What are you talking about I love cuddling and discuss how did it go after wards what was good what was bad how she can improve her self how can I improve my self and just to fool around. I LOVE IT

  • I love cuddling.

  • good question.. mostly we have short attention spans. If it is after sex... We have to use the bathroom... ;) Men are different. They don't want to be see as wimpy or weak. So they will always have a bit of a "I am a man... I don't need to be weak." feel to them... It's just how we are wired...

  • cuddling is probably my favorite activity to do with a girl but there has to be something going (movie) on or then its just awkward

  • Only pimps cut to the chase. lol

  • personally I love cuddling. I don't know some guys may just not be at that stage yet.

  • idk where are you getting this info from but I personally love cuddling and most guys do

  • I really like cuddling, but that usually either leads to having sex, or happens after. I find it hard to just cuddle, and then stop and do nothing after.

  • after fornicating? probably because cuddling is not orgasmic

  • I'm not very comfortable with human contact, especially in public.

    However I've never had someone to cuddle with so I'd like to try it sometime. Maybe I would like it.

  • I love cuddling. But the girl usually ends up mentioning something poking her thigh...

  • I like it but find it difficult.

    • Awww, lol - now I wanna hug you!

    • Nah none of the above. Its just me... getting close to someone in any way is extremely difficult for me. Some guys are natural huggers and get hugged, I'm not. No one ever hugs me but they always wanna try and get me drunk haha.

    • Why? just curious what makes it difficult - physically uncomfortable? get horny again and all she wants to do is snuggle? emotionally smothering? something else?

  • iLove to cuddle especially while watching romantic movies like The Notebook or Step Up

    • Yes for real, the Notebook was awesome

    • XD for real?

  • Personally, I like to cuddle, but when I do, my testosterone level increases and I get eager. Last time I cuddled, it was with this one girl; she was getting eager too, so it worked out for the both of us.

  • Cuddling is the best I love it

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