Signs through text that a guy likes you?

What are things a guy will do through text to show you he likes you? How frequently will he text you? Etc...Thanks :)


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  • I think joking or teasing possibly, if he uses emoticons a lot, that might be sort of a text version of his interested body language you'd see in person. The frequency of the texts and how quickly he responds to them may also be a factor in showing his interest, as well as if he seems happy to carry on a conversation and continue texting with you.

    • Ok thanks for the help

    • I think when people are drunk, they act closer to how they truly feel inside, as they are less inhibited to do so. So, yeah, I think he might like you.

    • Well we have only hung out at these dance parties and but he is always drunk. he always tries to approach me and he always walks up and talks and puts his arm around me... but walks over to apologize and then he tries to approach me but sees I'm a little ticked off so he keeps walking past.soooo I don't know what that means lol

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  • The ones who were truly into me wld text me every morning and night no matter what.. But they would randomly write cute litte ;) texts to let me know I was on his mind...