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Are NFL tickets a good Christmas gift for my die hard boyfriend?

My boyfriend and I have been dating for about a year, he is 24 and I'm 21. He is a HUGE Dolphins fan, never misses watching a game and is constantly... Show More

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  • I'd put the tickets in a Christmas card, or fold them into the jersey... It's a great gift by the way... I can't really help you with the other questions, being a Northern Irish fellow myself I don't know much about American stadiums despite NFL is a passion of mine. Patriots fan though... :P

    • Thanks very much! The card is actually a great idea!

      His best friend is a die hard patriots fan! :)

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    • Before I forget, if you want to go with him only put one ticket in... I think most guys who get two tickets will instantly think of a friend, they don't think their other half would take much interest. You can tell him when he opens it that you have your ticket to go to. It's a minor detail, could be irrelevant, but might help make everything go the way it's meant to. :)

    • Oh my gosh! That NEVER crossed my mind! but that's a VERY good point!

      Thank you!

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