Why won't my boyfriend take me out?

He has the time and money and says he's in love with me but whenever he's not working (evenings, weekends, holidays) he either sits on the computer looking at parts, goes out to get parts, gets tattooed. All without me.


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  • The best approach to this would be to ASK for what you want.. Don't accuse him or complain... Say to him " Babe wouldn't you like to go out for ______? Dinner, movies, dancing,bowling,swimming... etc.. make sure you say this with enthusiasm. He might be tired. You could offer to drive maybe.. You could also try at home interactive activities. My boyfriend and I have an xbox kinect.. So we still do things together but he works too so we don't need to leave.. It's important to ask for what you want and show appreciation when he do something for or with you. Men love pats on the back. LOL! I understand he might be tired and you energetic to go out but the best way to do this is to make a compromise somewhere.. If all of this fails.. maybe he doesn't have the energy to meet your needs anymore..


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  • if a guy won't take you out or hang out with you, no matter what he says, then he probably don't care about you.

    have you tried asking him to go do things. or ask him to hang out? I know that you shouldn't have to do that... but have you tried that?

  • Let him know!.. He might be tired but its no excuese