What Valentine's day gift do you give to the man who has everything?

my boyfriend is pretty wealthy. he has high rise downtown loft, state-of-the-art entertainment system (this includes video games, laptops, and desk tops), multiple luxury vehicles, designer clothes, all the newest toys and gadgets (phones, music players, etc).

i don't make much money at all, and I just found out my whole company is getting a pay cut. I have no idea what to get my boyfriend for Valentine's day. I was thinking a new video game or dvd or book, but he always buys the ones he wants as soon as they come out. I've already given him heartfelt things like a scrapbook of us and cute little homemade things.

i'm at a loss. help?

and please, don't say a homemade meal or sex. I come over and make him dinner many nights a week (he'd starve before he'd cook for himself), and he gets sex however he wants it on almost a daily basis. those do not count as gifts, they are a normal occurrence.