My boyfriend doesn't do anything for me

I have been with my boyfriend for almost two years and to this day he has never bought me anything. Yet expects me to constantly spend money on him. He tries to tell me his car is more important when I have things that are also more important yet I'm still spending my money on him. When I confront him about it he gets irritated and mean and tries to say I'm spoiled when I've never been spoiled a day in my life. I take care of myself and him on my salary which makes it hard to take care of what I need to take care of. Yesterday was Valentine's day and I didn't get a single thing but I payed for a hotel, took him out to dinner, bought something for his car, and payed for the rest of the whole weekend. Why is it so hard for him to do anything in return?


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  • Sorry to say but your boyfriend puts his car before you! His car is the number one priority in his life right now. To me, that is not good. There are many people who have a passion and a desire for something in life but there is absolutely nothing wrong with putting that to the side for a minute and doing something for your girlfriend of 2 years.

    If it is REALLY bothering you, I say stop buying him gifts. You should not care that he gets mad at you! Does he buy you anything? NO! So don't care about his feelings when it comes to gifts because apparently he does not care about yours!

    Hope I helped hun. :)


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  • Does he have a job?

    If not then he is a dead beat who needs to be dumped by his long term sugar mama.

    If he does then he is just an ass who needs to be dumped by his long time "too understanding, willing to put up with way too much crap and getting nothing in return" girlfriend.


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  • because he knows you'll keep accepting it & just go ahead and pay yourself. you sound kind of independent, so why not leave his sorry ass?

  • Wow. Sorry hun but he sounds like a real jerk. I would tell him how you feel and if he doesn't like it, then tell him to hit the road. You deserve better.

  • seems like he is just using you. You shouldn't have to pay for everything, especially stuff for his car. He doesn't care about you the same way you care about him. Sorry. You definitely deserve better, and there ARE better out there!