Boyfriend didn't buy me a gift for my birthday?

My boyfriend didn't get me ANYTHING for my birthday. No card at all. He told me two weeks ago he'd take me out to dinner. I'm really upset. Do I say something to him? We've been dating 5 months.


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  • He's cheap & thoughtless. Is this boyfriend material? Only you can answer that. I will tell you that if a guy starts out like this, it doesn't set a good precedence for future occasions. Trust me, I was married to one of the cheapest men in the world. He never gave me or anyone a gift ever. Take it back...I have 1 gift from before we were married, a vase, $2.35. I cherish that vase to this day. Don't ask me why. If you stay with him, get use to it, and don't complain, it won't matter. It is what it is.

    What will it solve to say something to him? The man knows it was your bday. Guys know how important that is to a woman. They know. He knows what he told you. You will only sound petty to bring it up. You can't ask for gifts & dinner. It has to come from the heart. He didn't feel it.

    Can you live with it?

    • I talked to him about it. He said that birthdays aren't a big deal in his family (which I know about) but now he knows how big a deal birthdays are in my house and my family. I love celebrating birthdays. He realized he messed up and apologized. I forgive him. He now knows to never ignore holidays with me because I love celebrating them. And he's not cheap- at all, He never ever wants me to pay for anything. I got him an Easter basket and he wanted to pay me for it.

    • That's good that you cleared the air. We'll see how it goes.


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  • Maybe he's broke?

  • He probably just forgot your birthday. My parents have been married 35 years and my dad still forgets my moms.

    • No, he knows. He asked how my birthday was going

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  • yep. bring it up, let him know you're upset.