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Do men like receiving gifts?

I’ve started to notice a pattern, in which my father or boyfriends in the past wouldn't say anything when I gave them a present. I love to give... Show More

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  • No. Since I really don't like to give gifts, it really makes me feel sh*tty to receive them, from men or women - feminism doesn't really have anything to do with it. Even if a buddy of mine offers to buy me a drink, I'm reluctant to accept it.

    But if you like to do it, don't stop. As the phrase goes - It's better to give, than to receive =)

    • I think I understand. It's like when my friends offer to pay my portion of the bill. I always say no because I don't want to feel like I owe them anything, and then I forget and look like a bad friend. And there's a reason why I said no, though lol.

  • NO! we f***ing despise it! ANY bitch that buys me a present is getting dumped!

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