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Wat kinda gifts do guys like?

Wat kinda gifts do guys like? random question?

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  • Personaly, I like practical gifts the best. Something that I can use. Something that will accompany one of my hobbies/interests. For example, I am a gearhead, I am a cyber nerd, I am a casual gamer, and a music lover. Last year, my girl gave me a gift card for Sears, to buy tools, a new flash drive for my Laptop, a new travel case for my PSP, and a Zune. It was awesome, I loved all of my gifts and I use them all the time. Its like two for one, because its something I enjoy using, and when I use it, I think of her. So, that's what I would suggest to you, a gift that goes along with what your guy likes to do/what he is interested in. Good luck.

    • Thankx for the advice!!!

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  • 1. Food2. Music3. Game of some type4. Clothing item.

  • I like sweaters and hood hats.

  • Tools: power tools and hand tools. Cheap stuff is no good because the cheap tools break.If the guy lives like a total bachelor and has no kitchen crap, then that sounds like something he might need. But often the guys who have no kitchen crap eat a lot of fast food, and hence no need.Some simple weights can be good too - but not a whole weight set, just a few hand weights.

  • anything that has to do wiht technology, like remote control cars to PS3! and soccer shoes, lol

    • Thankx gor ur advice...kisses

    • Yea no problemo!

What Girls Said 7

  • Clothes like hoodies or cap

  • practical stuff

  • Good music and cookies. It's worked for me.

  • Chocolatee :P Never Lets You Down (:A Cd Maybe Body Spray Or Clothes x

  • anything food related. lol.ive done this on more than one occasion and it never fails :)

  • Bake him something! Guys loveeee food! :)

  • Well, if you're thinking about getting him something to wear, you need to be careful. Best take him along with you, suggest a few things and see which he prefers. I know this spoils the surprise but if you buy something that he dislikes, he'll NEVER ever wear it. Otherwise, they seem to like things that will entertain them on Christmas day. Last year I bought my boyfriend a tiny radio controlled helicopter and he spent all day flying it around the house.the cat also liked chasing it, and they had a great day! If he has a Playstation, X-box or similar you could try finding out if there's a particular game that he wants-can be expensive, though. I think that music CDs, DVDs, etc are a bit predictable and boring so avoid these. Hope this helps.

    • Thankx for ur advice.it help some.

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