Wat kinda gifts do guys like?

random question?


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  • Personaly, I like practical gifts the best. Something that I can use. Something that will accompany one of my hobbies/interests. For example, I am a gearhead, I am a cyber nerd, I am a casual gamer, and a music lover. Last year, my girl gave me a gift card for Sears, to buy tools, a new flash drive for my Laptop, a new travel case for my PSP, and a Zune. It was awesome, I loved all of my gifts and I use them all the time. Its like two for one, because its something I enjoy using, and when I use it, I think of her. So, that's what I would suggest to you, a gift that goes along with what your guy likes to do/what he is interested in. Good luck.

    • Thankx for the advice!!!

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  • Tools: power tools and hand tools. Cheap stuff is no good because the cheap tools break.

    If the guy lives like a total bachelor and has no kitchen crap, then that sounds like something he might need. But often the guys who have no kitchen crap eat a lot of fast food, and hence no need.

    Some simple weights can be good too - but not a whole weight set, just a few hand weights.

  • 1. Food

    2. Music

    3. Game of some type

    4. Clothing item.

  • I like sweaters and hood hats.

  • anything that has to do wiht technology, like remote control cars to PS3! and soccer shoes, lol

    • Thankx gor ur advice...kisses

    • Yea no problemo!

What Girls Said 7

  • Clothes like hoodies or cap

  • Bake him something! Guys loveeee food! :)

  • anything food related. lol.

    ive done this on more than one occasion and it never fails :)

  • Good music and cookies. It's worked for me.

  • practical stuff

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