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How is your generation different from your parents' generation?

Every generation of people is different in important ways.How is your generation different from your parents' generation?=)

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  • My parent's generation were hard-working and had decent values, they were raised by an even older and more traditional generation who taught them that being mannerly and gentle were things to be proud of, and that good family values need to be upheld and obeyed at all costs, everything they had were worked for and put all of their time into. In juxtaposition, my generation seems to have become the opposite, most of them are spoiled and ignorant to manners and other such values, and they seemed to me maimed with having bad attitudes and poor work ethic. It is almost as if the generation have done a complete turn as to what the previous generation had built, we see teens who don't care about school, and only want to go out at night and bang random guys and then they wonder why they have 3 kids by the time they're 20 and can't pay any bills, that sh*t didn't happen in my parents generation!

    • thanks for BA :)

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  • Its funny how I was just talking to my brother and my dad about that. My dad is apart of the baby boomers generation, and I'm from the generation that grew up with technology. Now back then he was kind of a nerd who joined the service and always been the combination of them both. My generation is all about doing whatever they want and his generation wasn't too far apart from doing the same.He was around where everyone was partying with hippies in the 60s and then the 70s. Our generation is in the party phase, He had an afro, I have a bunch of wild hair, so there are a little similarities between them, but what separates us completely is that our generation takes technology for granted because its already in our hands and we already know how to operate it. The kids are teaching the grown ups how to use a PC or even how to send an Email.

  • We are the age of useless, computer addicted drones who buy into corporate products and then complain that the people who made them are the root of our financial problems (jab at the 99%). Our economy is failing, our education system is failing and it's left to the intelligent people of our generation to clean up the mess (post WWIII). Aside from that, every generation is the same in the regard that we think we're right, everyone else is wrong, the old days were better than they are now, kids are the devil and still searching for whatever it is we're looking for as a race.

  • My generation: XTheir generation: Baby boomers/yuppiesI don't know if they ever fully understood that while they could just walk into any job they wanted the economy has changed and jobs are not so plentiful. I don't have the opportunities that they had.Then again when they were born, medical science that was used to save my life as a baby did not exist. I could not have lived in their generation.

  • I see no difference...just more communications means -better if I must say- yet same golden core, since my dad used to tell me tails about the tough times and obstacles they had to fight "to find a place for them under the sun" as my dad used to say.now after the revolution I discovered that its tough times that shape the core of people...so I discovered that there are no big def in core...just more technology.I miss you dad :(

  • We are just f***ed up in other ways than what they was back then .

  • My parents and their friends all got married very young and had kids already

  • My generation has slowly become more and more tolerant of all things seen as taboo by older generations. Due to my generation's up bringing in the easy, middle class life obtained by my parents' generation, we have lost track of values that previous generations used as a foundation. Young people now have put hard work, integrity, and honesty aside in order to find a life without responsibility. We are focused now on achieving maximum reward with minimal effort which was not the attitude of older generations.

  • Very different I mean yes things change and environments change but I think the biggest difference is technology (Facebook and cell phones) they change everything. Even if I had the same environment and etc as patents but had a cell phone and Facebook it would vary greatly.

  • My parents generation f***ed the world for us all.

  • My generation is full of reckless dumbf***s unlike my parents.

  • I myself am really not all that different from them. Maybe more hard-headed, but that's about it.

  • My generation is all about 'me' we are far more selfish then ever. My parenst who were part of the baby boom generation, were selfish too but less so. Also they played outside wayy more than we do today...

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  • I'm more open minded for sure. My parents are really old fashioned to the point where I can't relate to them at all. When they were growing up, they're in their early 50's, it was the custom to date one person and marry them. Basically they were each others first everything and they got married. So the fact that I've had more than one boyfriend is ridiculous to them.

  • My parents grew up in the 90's. It wasn't that long ago so I guess the only difference would be the economy wasn't as sh*tty and they had better music lol.

  • My list:1) Slang = they use words like boogie, groovy, bugout, chick, etc.2) music = wow now that has changed a lot! They don't like drum & base, DubStep, & they're like bruno mars? Is that a sweet?3) clothes = now come on! Hippies4) hmm ... Can't remember anything else of their own ways of thinking. Like children must be seen not heard & always respect your olders& you'll always well baxk in my day ... Oh gosh come on fam get with times lol.

  • My generation (Y) is pretty messed up thanks to our parents generation. Love it how they criticise us without accepting the blame -_-"We're (in general) less hardworking, more materialistic, less ambitious and more "liberal" in relation to sex and drugs. It's not like that for everyone, but it's pretty rampant.

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