Gift for my boyfriend for Valentine's Day?

I'm not a fan of Valentines Day, I think it's over-rated and comes way too fast after Christmas when I'm still broke. However, it's coming up so I wanted to start thinking about gifts. Which would guys like best from the below?

  • Sexy Lingerie (for me, not him)
    30% (32)40% (6)32% (38)Vote
  • Chocolates
    18% (19)7% (1)17% (20)Vote
  • Movie Night with Cozy Pajamas and Popcorn
    26% (27)20% (3)25% (30)Vote
  • Jewelry Engraved with his Initials
    17% (18)20% (3)18% (21)Vote
  • Wine or Beer Gift Basket
    9% (9)13% (2)8% (11)Vote
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  • I selected the beer basket, because I dig beer. You shouldn't go with what everyone else is getting, but instead, it should be unique for him. If he is allergic to chocolates, or if it is something he gets everyday, then there is no point in getting chocolates. Instead, you can find a rare chocolate and give him that, along with a cook book with a DVD special to chocolate so he gets hands down and makes his own creation.

    By the way, Check out the Valentine's Day Gifts and Ideas page. I think it is new, and it has quite a few cool ideas and tips on what to do, or what gift to get from the articles and contests.


What Guys Said 8

  • Lingerie for sure... It is the gift that keeps on giving... As long as you continue to wear it...

  • Do something like Cook him his favorite food by a candle light dinner.

    He'll love the fact that you wanted to even do anything for him because of the simple fact that most females believe that day is only for them.

  • I voted for the jewelry item. It's a permanent gift he can keep.

    • I gave my bf last year a nice money clip. after I broke up with him, he gave it away. Freaking loser. ha!

    • I would really like something like that; that's a nice gift. Too bad he was so immature about it!

  • Beer lol definitely beer, that's what I would want.

  • Last year, my girlfriend got me a customized coupon book.

  • get him an autograph from his favorite actress/actor/musician/ athlete or any celebrity. you can get it signed specifically to him with a message and everything. he will really appreciated the lengths you went to get it for him, but its actually really easy and cheap :)

    personalautograph [dot] com

    hope this helps!

  • "I voted for the jewelry item. It's a permanent gift he can keep."

    @lovebird01 yea me girl got a nice necklace and pendant for me last year and I am still wearing it! It wasn't a girly necklace that I wouldn't wear but a more masculine one and make more for a guy than one that is unisex. She got it from a store called Tribal Mayhem. They actually have some pretty nice stuff and I can vouch for the quality. I've bought a couple more pieces from there since. Hope this helps



What Girls Said 9

  • I say sexy underwear for you!! But if you think its over rated tell him not to get you anything because you think its over rated that's what I done me and any guy I'm seeing don't do valentines day because I think its just too over rated and pointless having to buy someone a gift to show you love them on this particular day of the year!!

    • Do you really mean that? If he doesn't do anything, will you be cool with that or upset? My experience is that when my girl says she doesn't need a gift I'd better get my a** to the store!

    • Lol I really mean it I don't do the hole gifts things on valentines birthdays would be the only time. I would say do something nice for your bf or gf on there birthday that valentines is a day nearly everyone gets something and is just an over rated day.

  • Movie Night with Cozy Pajamas and Popcorn.

    • Do this trust me. Go to your closest movie rentl place and rent a bunch of horror movies and go to the house where you get the most prifisey and sunggle up to him and tell him. " You can do anything you want to me. Within reason." Just let him have fun and you can sit back and enjoy it. If any one elece needs advice just ask me. I have been threw it all so go aged and ask me!

    • Ok lol

  • I think that Valentines day has become a commercial day and if you really want to celebrate your love, you do not need to buy any material gifts, just do something for him.

    I would say, cook a nice meal (maybe an aphrodisiac one) with winen and watch a movie...or just chat

  • i say you give him them all get yurself sexy lingere pajams or what ever and make him a dinner of such as seafoods or something he likes & surprise him with the jewlery put the chocolates under his pillow 4 him 2 fined latter on & enjoy yur movie I did it and it played out perfectly =]

  • This Valentines day, since both my boyfriend and I don't have too much money to celebrate, were doing what we did on our first date, only at home this time! Sake bombing and eating sushi! We bought a book on how to make homemade sushi and he got a couple bottles of TyKu (our favorite sake!) I'm excited! I think as long as you do something special there's no need for real presents

  • radar/laser detector - he'll never have a speeding ticket again!


  • maybe for you but valetine,s only is over rated to you because you haven't found true love if you did you would think diffrently believe

  • me and my boyfriend have been dating for 5 months and this is our 1st valentines day together. I'm buying him a cookie cake because he loves to eat. he isn't fat , he is a wrestler and has to watch his weight and luckily he can eat this weekend so I'm getting him a cookie cake with I love you baby on it ! :)

  • well I don't know if you'd like to do this because you don't have much money, but I'm taking my boyfriend to a hotel, and before I bring him there I'm going to go there and decorate it, so it will have rose petals (I know cheesy but still cute) all over the place & in the bath tub, and i;m gonna get him a huge teddy bear and a box of chocolates and a card saying how much he means to me on the bed waiting for him. and I'm going to blindfold him on the way there.

    but if you can't afford a hotel room, do it at your house, make him dinner.. etc. do things you'll enjoy as well. =)