Gift for my boyfriend for Valentine's Day?

I'm not a fan of Valentines Day, I think it's over-rated and comes way too fast after Christmas when I'm still broke. However, it's coming up so I wanted to start thinking about gifts. Which would guys like best from the below?

  • Vote A Sexy Lingerie (for me, not him)
  • Vote B Chocolates
  • Vote C Movie Night with Cozy Pajamas and Popcorn
  • Vote D Jewelry Engraved with his Initials
  • Vote E Wine or Beer Gift Basket
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Most Helpful Guy

  • I selected the beer basket, because I dig beer. You shouldn't go with what everyone else is getting, but instead, it should be unique for him. If he is allergic to chocolates, or if it is something he gets everyday, then there is no point in getting chocolates. Instead, you can find a rare chocolate and give him that, along with a cook book with a DVD special to chocolate so he gets hands down and makes his own creation.

    By the way, Check out the Valentine's Day Gifts and Ideas page. I think it is new, and it has quite a few cool ideas and tips on what to do, or what gift to get from the articles and contests.