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A good birthday surprise for a guy?

This guy who is my friends with benefits is turning 30 soon and I want to surprise him by getting a nice room with rose petals leading to the bed and... Show More

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  • Yeah um... How do I put this? It definitely doesn't sound like you're "friends" wb anymore. It sounds like you want him for more than benefits. Let's face it girl you've broken the one rule to having a fwb. I say that you kill it before someones feelings get hurt, unless he feels the same way.

What Guys Said 3

  • Have fun sucking his pee pee xD

    • Thats not helping

  • Remember, it's his birthday, not yours...you're trying to make it romantic...a girl idea

What Girls Said 1

  • lmao.. you've fallen for your fwb... smh.

    • Yeah I have smh

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