Birthday gift for guy friend?

I got the card thing down but what do I get him for his birthday?

Thanks for the help. Just in case some of you are under the misconception that he's my boyfriend, he's not. Just a guy friend. Would cologne seriously be ok? Is it something only a persons girlfriend would give them? Just wondering.
Today's is his b'day.. :) I know I asked this question in advance but I wanted to be sure. I couldn't get him anything like cologne or the other things people suggested here. I gave him a beautiful key chain that I got from my trip to egypt two weeks ago.
He seems to really like it. He's telling people " Look what she got me!" Lol... :)
Oh and the key chain was for his car keys. He recently got a new car.


Most Helpful Guy

  • A blowjob is always a nice gift :-P.

    Lol, I'm jk. (I mean it IS but you were probably looking for something more material)

    But like everyone else said, find out what his interests are and go with that. For example, my fiancee knew I was a practicing celtic pagan so she got me a pentacle ring that I still have to this day (that was 2 years ago). Also I'm a gamer and I love movies so video games and dvd's are usually a good bet for me.

    But in general here's a good buying guide for either gender:

    Girls tend to want things they can either eat (i.e. chocolate), wear (clothing, jewelry, perfume), look at (flowers, anything that looks pretty), or that has some sentimental value.

    Guys tend to want things we can use, either for a hobby, or for practical use, i.e. games, movies, music, tools, hobby materials, etc.