What are some American customs for foreigners that some foreigners themselves don't understand?

and is it that big of a deal or can it be a very big problem at times?


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  • I've always heard that Americans will create much more personal space than any other nationality of people.


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  • What do you mean *for foreigners. you mean customs that are done on behalf of foreigners/ like what?

    • foreigners visiting America

    • but what are you referring to. they do things for them, they dnt do for others who live there? I don't understand.

  • Some American people talking slower and louder, because they think it will make foreigners understand...?

    • Other countries do that to Americans when we are the foreigners

  • Eating out instead of cooking

  • American football... soccer is way more skillful and rugby is way more manly and badass ( padding is for sissies).

  • Black Friday lol

  • Cheerleading

  • I will never get tipping! It freaks me out and I fear going to America because of it.

    • What? People tip all over the world, not just America

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    • yeah this freaks me out too... I understand why they do it, it just goes against my natural instincts, where I live, everyone gets paid at least minimum wage for whatever they do...tipping feels kind of demeaning, like taking pity on someone like "here underpaid servant person, take my spare change" ...

    • In Australia, where I work, it is illegal to accept tips as its a form of income that isn't declared for tax. I had to refuse this customer who insisted I slip it into my pocket. I felt aweful. But the thing I fear most is under tipping.

  • Sex drug alcohol etc

    • That happens all over the world, it is not an American Custom. I garuntee wherever you are from, people are having sex, doing drugs, and getting drunk, and if you say it isn't happening, you are either very stupid or very naive

    • It happens all over the world but what I meant was that westerners have more freewheeling lifestyles than us and you can't say this isn't true. And no I'm not stupid :p

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  • Flag waving, big houses, toilets being in the same room as the bath, "Football" being a game where you hold the ball and headbutt things and how they shout "GET IN THE HOLE" one the first shot of a golf course >.>

  • I've lived in China for two years and most don't understand...

    Guns (yes we can have guns in some states, doesn't mean we will shoot you if we are pissed)

    The American Dream (you will be disappointed)

    Tips (pay for the food...and extra)

  • Right now with genuine horror I realize there's actually no such thing for me.

  • Recently I visited the states after being in Japan for two years, and I have to say that the entire concept of tipping is completely f***ing retarded. Restaurants and service industries need to raise what they pay their employees.