Never had a boyfriend, flipping out. Why?

All the guys who liked me weren't my type. All the guys that I liked weren't interested or didn't want to date.

I'm pretty much doubting myself because of the whole issue. Never had a boyfriend and I'm 20 years old. I can stress and be cross about it all I want, but I know I'm not getting anywhere.

Used to be shy and kind of afraid of guys/having a boyfriend, I'm not anymore. I'm thin, in everyday life I look very normal and currently I feel down because of the autumn weather. I go out sometimes, I have a few friends and I like making new friends.

I'd love some advice.

Guys - my guy friends and guys in general - always tell me I deserve a good guy, or that I'll find a guy who's better than them.. like why? Do they think I'm high maintenance or too good for them or whatever? Because I'm not and it's not up to them to decide that for me.


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  • As I tell others who are stressing out (which I think flipping out means) about not having a BF/GF yet, first step is to stop worrying about it. Like you, most of them are early 20s or even teens, and yet they feel it's all hopeless for you. The stressing out itself could be putting out all sorts of bad signals and only attract the guys you won't want to attract.

    I'm sure you are a nice looking woman, statistics support that. Go out as you've been meet new people, make new friends, chill. When you have a great life without feeling you need a boyfriend, you put out better signals, more likely to attract the kind of guys you want.

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      @update well if they are your friends and telling you this perhaps they know they are below your standards and are encourage you to find the guy who is good enough for you.

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      Thanks, that could be it. Otherwise I don't understand it.