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Thanksgiving eve. What are you doing tonight?

it's Thanksgiving eve, one of the biggest party nights of the year.

i'm going to see eric prydz! can't wait. what are you doing?

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  • Thanksgiving Eve is one of the biggest party nights of the year? No Sleep Till Family Dinner? (re link lololol) (*adds hallucinations of turkeys in pilgrim hats in double vision to the music video*)

    lol oh well. one wise woman once told me, all of life is a feast, & most of us are Starving Fools.

    dig in, if you can - you should have a little sense left over for your family dinner tho.

    else you'll be playing You Gotta Fight For Your Right To Party for your Aunt & Uncle, 80s beastie boys music video style.

    =D "Mom you're just jealous it's the Beast ie Boys!"

    • i have no idea what you're talking about bro

    • lol

What Girls Said 8

  • Watching Supernatural on Netflix, reading some for my English class, talking on the phone with my boyfriend, and eating stuff. Yes, I'm a loser.

  • Playing risk with family! I plan on winning.

    • I never knew it was a party night.. I guess that's for the 18 and overs

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    • I feel bad for you, Risk never ends well. Even if you win.

    • I like the competition. I think it's fun.

  • in england, zippo, over here thanks giving is just another day in the middle of the week!

  • I'm hauled up in the house working on a ton of projects for school :(

  • I stayed home with my boyfriend. Thanksgiving eve really? Do kids these days always need a reason to drink?

  • hey I am going to go watch a movie with family then dinner big feast!

  • Watching tv

  • I am recovering from a hangover right now.

    Later, I'm going to go eat again, smoke a blunt, and play Dead Space.

    No class till the November 28, 2012. AWESOME.

What Guys Said 12

  • it's cod night. we got bud, oxy's and booze and I ain't go to wake up for anything. f***ing awesome.

  • I just finished cleaning the turkeys (one for the oven, one to fry), cleaned the turkey fryer with metal scrub pads (I didn't clean it since last Thanksgiving, AND it was outside, so you can imagine how much caked-on grease gunk there was in the metal pot lol), and mopped the floors so that's one less thing to do tomorrow.

    It's gonna be bedtime for me soon. :-D

  • I am studying for 12 hours or so tonight :)

    • Update: In Canada, tonight's just a regular Wednesday night. Nothing loser-ish about it.

  • Ah, keep on forgetting about that :P

    Absolutely nothing, and yes: I am a loser :/

  • Wtf I don't plan that far ahead. But I'm sure it's gonna be something fun.

  • Thanks giving eve I started drinking at about 9 oclock at the bar and ended up going out to the middle of nowhere at about 2 oclock in the morning and starting a bon fire and bullsh*ting with a class mate till the sun came up then didn't get home till 8 in the morning! :)

    • this guy knows how to party

  • Nothing special. Don't really do holidays but nothing really important is going on. Maybe just some reading.

  • Drinking coffee.

  • absolutely nothing. maybe if I'm adventurous ill start doing my paper lol

  • had a date, she cancelled cause she's stupid and thinks liking someone a year ago makes you no good for her, so now I am drinking my wine

    • Idiot

  • Moping and feeling sorry for myself.

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