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What do you want for Christmas this year and why?

and what are some things you are getting others for Christmas? I want Italian curtains! in different shades of blue! Because I don't have curtains... Show More

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What Guys Said 5

  • Nothing, I'm good with what I have.

  • Soccer gear. Being 18, I've already exhausted all possible big Christmas gifts. I've gotten a tv, a laptop, an iPhone, a PS3. Of course, these are all different years. But now I'm getting into soccer so I just want a pair of cleats, and some other stuff.

  • 2 new monitors.

    Used to have 2 monitors just last month before one fried and now I'm down to just one, which feels so limited. So now I want to expand the other way into 3 monitors since I felt I needed a 3rd one when I was on 2 before.

    Naturally I don't expect to just get them, have to pay the majority but at least they an chip in on them.

  • To win the Powerball.

What Girls Said 10

  • I just want money for new clothes and other things I need, because I'm going away to school.

  • More movie soundtracks, Cd's from my favorite artists, an iPod

    That's it, the iPod more than anything though.

    I got my grandma a pretty nightgown.

  • I would like new yoga mat, running shoes and juicer!

  • A new smartphone!:D

    That's about it.

  • Wintery clothes. I'm going to college up north next year and I own like...one long sleeve shirt and no boots.

  • I just want some type of special gift... I haven't got a pricey Christmas gift since I was 12 years old...

  • I want to build my own computer! :D It's so fun and it's my little gift to myself!

    • You should consult a tech guy that's an expert on building computers. ;)

    • same :]

  • erm, never done Christmas well I give gifts to others since I don't really celebrate it but I never have other things given apart from chocolates , from our neighbours lol. But its nice, I like the idea of decorating things like the tree and you see all these cool decorations but then sometimes I think people go way overboard and it becomes very materialistic.

  • Nothing. If I want something and I can afford to purchase it I don't wait until Christmas to get it.

  • I would love it if my boyfriend could come back from studying in Europe and we could spend time together.

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