Best Christmas gift to give to the woman who has everything?

I'm looking for a gift for a girl whom I've been seeing. She comes from a wealthy family and does well for herself (attorney), so I'd like to get her something memorable and unique. Ideas?


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  • The best thing to give to someone who has everything is something that can't be bought, such as a coupon book you draw yourself for things like "1 on-me date" or "3 rounds of most embarassing personal stories" or "inner-child swing set time" something personal like that OR write her a letter, long-hand, ballpoint pen kinda letter in which you explain somethings about yourself that you want her to know (ex. My dear ..., Despite my huge efforts to find the perfect gift for the woman who has it all, I couldn't think of anything grand enough to give such an incredible woman so I decided to write this letter. I'm going to attempt to put into words how much I care for you since I couldn't manifest my feelings in a gift so please go easy on me and know I'm trying my best.The first time we met, I couldn't blink in fear you would just be a fantasy my eyes created and disappear.) ha ha cheesy I know but honestly for a sophisticated and intelligent woman like that, cheesy seems something that would throw her off and open her heart. I hope this helps!

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  • Do you have any photos together? Create a digital photo book online. Leave the last page blank that says, best Christmas ever. Take a photo together that day, print it out and paste it there. Choose red and a flattering photo cover.

    She'll love it.

  • Give her your time!

  • Odds are, even if she has "everything," the fact that the gift is coming from you will make it special, regardless. Something specific to her interests that's unique (hint: this site has some cool stuff ).

    If you've been together for awhile and have a higher price range, a small item of jewelry would be nice. Or if you'd rather do something less costly, a picture collage of the two of you would be just as nice.

  • get her or make her something personal, maybe she has a favorite author but does not have a book that she likes. Don't think that the price matters specially to a women that is as succesful as she. Its the thought that counts and maybe consider making a coupon book that she could redeem when ever she wants from you ;) although it may seem very teenager its something only you can give her. Spencers has something like that but its all sexual you can make them your own ex: back massage, dinner date, movie night, home cooked meal. You would be surprised how much girls appreciate quality time with people they love. Don't over think it you know her best and the right gift will come to you and she will love it :)

    Merry early Christmas :)

    • I could't agree more. It's the thought that counts.

  • Maybe she doesn't need any material possessions. She might just need a guy who cares about her and wants to be with her. link

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  • Plan a special evening or weekend she'd especially enjoy.

    Sure she could afford it herself but part of the gift is your planning, time and enthusiasm to do something she enjoys.

  • There are some types of jewelry that cannot be enough, e.g. my woman - earrings

    but you can top even the best of these easy to buy money drains with some time/effort, e.g. vacation photos of just you two, a poem/song/letter that expresses what your heart feels about her in its deepest regions, a surprise kidnapping to a late night romantic adventure.

  • A puppy. Who doesn't love a puppy.

  • Gift card to Chucky Cheese