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Best Christmas gift to give to the woman who has everything?

I'm looking for a gift for a girl whom I've been seeing. She comes from a wealthy family and does well for herself (attorney), so I'd like to get... Show More

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  • The best thing to give to someone who has everything is something that can't be bought, such as a coupon book you draw yourself for things like "1 on-me date" or "3 rounds of most embarassing personal stories" or "inner-child swing set time" something personal like that OR write her a letter, long-hand, ballpoint pen kinda letter in which you explain somethings about yourself that you want her to know (ex. My dear ..., Despite my huge efforts to find the perfect gift for the woman who has it all, I couldn't think of anything grand enough to give such an incredible woman so I decided to write this letter. I'm going to attempt to put into words how much I care for you since I couldn't manifest my feelings in a gift so please go easy on me and know I'm trying my best.The first time we met, I couldn't blink in fear you would just be a fantasy my eyes created and disappear.) ha ha cheesy I know but honestly for a sophisticated and intelligent woman like that, cheesy seems something that would throw her off and open her heart. I hope this helps!

What Girls Said 31

  • Odds are, even if she has "everything," the fact that the gift is coming from you will make it special, regardless. Something specific to her interests that's unique (hint: this site has some cool stuff www.incrediblethings.com ).

    If you've been together for awhile and have a higher price range, a small item of jewelry would be nice. Or if you'd rather do something less costly, a picture collage of the two of you would be just as nice.

  • Maybe she doesn't need any material possessions. She might just need a guy who cares about her and wants to be with her. link

  • Chocolate ,strawberries, whipped cream, you tied to the bed naked... :P just kidding. I agree with the girls make her something, or maybe a gift card for a spa day. A homemade Cd with her favorite music. Good luck, I'm sure she will love whatever you end up giving her.

  • my mom said diamond lol

  • Awww, that is so sweet! Could do like a gift basket that you put together of her favorite things. I always liked those coupon books people made/ what they used to have you make in grade school for your parents (but things obviously are changed/ tasks in the book). Like what the others are saying, just something homemade would be really unique. Let us know what you end up doing! Search the web for some ideas and I'm sure something will stand out :)

  • I would honestly make it homemade. Maybe a picture frame of you two. If she has everything she shouldn't need anything else. It will also show that she isn't materialistic, unless you are into that.

  • Have you ever felt intimidated by her and her family status? Do you feel as though you might have nothing to offer her?

    Just curious. Don't read too much into my questions ok? Thanks for answering if you have time!

    • Especially if a family member is or was famous, I'd guess. :-D

  • Sorry, but this was the first thing I thought of link

    Now, in all seriousness, I would go along with what a few others have suggested and do something handmade and meaningful. And it doesn't have to be some sort of feminine craft either, if you're good at wood work or metal work, you could make her something cool like that. If not, something with photos of you two would be nice (a scrapbook or even a photo in a really nice frame), the weekend away is a good idea too.

  • get her or make her something personal, maybe she has a favorite author but does not have a book that she likes. Don't think that the price matters specially to a women that is as succesful as she. Its the thought that counts and maybe consider making a coupon book that she could redeem when ever she wants from you ;) although it may seem very teenager its something only you can give her. Spencers has something like that but its all sexual you can make them your own ex: back massage, dinner date, movie night, home cooked meal. You would be surprised how much girls appreciate quality time with people they love. Don't over think it you know her best and the right gift will come to you and she will love it :)

    Merry early Christmas :)

    • I could't agree more. It's the thought that counts.

  • Make a collage of pictures of the two of you and things from your relationship. Put it in a frame and wrap it up all nice. It doesn't cost a lot of money but it will take some time and come from the heart.

  • Give her your time!

  • Do you have any photos together? Create a digital photo book online. Leave the last page blank that says, best Christmas ever. Take a photo together that day, print it out and paste it there. Choose red and a flattering photo cover.

    She'll love it.

  • something home made.

    those are the best and most meaningful.

    and, like what they say,

    diamonds are a girls best friend.

    if you give her jewelry she's gonna wear it all the time,

    which means you'll always be on her mind.

  • find pictures of the two of you and make a scrapbook or if you don't have many frame them and give them to her

  • Something crafty and homemade would be pretty awesome...

    I totally admire crafty people cause I'm not creative or crafty at all. I can get projects done but it'll never be a standout project

  • get crafty. make her something that is memorable and comes from the heart. make an inside joke even funnier, make her a card, or a homemade braclet. you could do anything and since its from you it won't matter what you get her as long as its from your heart.

    hope it helps. :P

  • your heart

  • well for a woman who has everything give her some thing only you can give her and not buy , make her some thing, something that comes from the heart and that no money can buy, because she has probably never ever had something like that in her life , hope this helped

  • some inside joke or something from her childhood, it doesn't have to be expensive, just unique

    • this! :) something unique is always fun. OR make something your self! a gift that you made is fun, and very special too. she'll remember it for a very long time :)

  • Honestly it depends on what she likes. What does she like to do? What are her tastes? Its not about how much it cost, but how creative you can be.

  • A good MacLovin should do the trick ;D

  • figurine of elderly couple still sweet together

  • There are some great ideas compiled here, Top 10 Romantic Christmas Gifts for your boyfriend/husband or girlfriend/wife.

    You should check it out link

  • Your heart

  • A nice day out.

    Take her for a ride to check out all the local sights. If there's a nice rooftop restaurant with a view of your town/city, go there. Perhaps something out by the water instead... Whatever it is, be sure to keep a reasonable budget.

    A guy once went a little crazy over our date and spent over $100 just on lunch. He made a big show of it and I was a little upset -- not because of the show, but because he went beyond his means for that day. I thought it was a one-time splurge, but he always wanted to do that -- to spoil me. Guys should know that a real woman won't want the horse-and-pony show as much as she wants quality time with her guy.

  • I think you should take her on a vocation with everything planned out including where to eat and what to do each day everything! :D Just give her some time off from making decisions and being busy all the time! :P

    Or a cruise! :D Maybe don't buy her anything since she has a lot of stuff already! :P But the best thing you can buy if you want to add to the vocation as an extra you can get her one of those giant 5 foot teddy bears or plushy or her favorite animal! :D If she is into plushies. Even if she is not a kid anymore I bet a lot of girls still would like a giant plushie from her boyfriend! :P

    I have a huuuuuge amount of plushies but I would still want that! :D

  • Pay attention to what she's saying in conversations so you can find something personal and meaningful for her. You could make her something crafty. Or you could put together an assortment/gift basket of things she likes. She's probably busy with work, so something related to this somehow to make her life easier/more organized?

  • Make her something.

  • Whisk her way for a romantic getaway! I know girls would love that-a combination of exotic destination and the element of surprise, what's not to like or make her fall harder for you? :)

  • Jewelry is a long-lasting gift.

What Guys Said 4

  • Plan a special evening or weekend she'd especially enjoy.

    Sure she could afford it herself but part of the gift is your planning, time and enthusiasm to do something she enjoys.

  • There are some types of jewelry that cannot be enough, e.g. my woman - earrings

    but you can top even the best of these easy to buy money drains with some time/effort, e.g. vacation photos of just you two, a poem/song/letter that expresses what your heart feels about her in its deepest regions, a surprise kidnapping to a late night romantic adventure.

  • A puppy. Who doesn't love a puppy.

  • Gift card to Chucky Cheese

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