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Should I go to the Christmas party?

i was close with this guy but we had a falling out over his current girlfriend... we haven't spoken since but I'm still connected to his business... Show More

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  • Oh yes. And you can tell them what happened and then walk out of the house and never go back. And let him see you and don't let him run you like that. And no more texting or Facebook update balogna. No cel phone garbage or letters. No more. New Time.

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  • What would baby jesus do?

    • go , but I don't think I will be greatly greeted at the door... its tonight, its already started but they are going to the albion after

  • Why not go? You might meet someone you would like to be friends with! Or possibly date...

  • Sounds like your rationalizing move on don't go.

  • Yes, you go!

    1. A Merry Christmas to his GF, congratulate her on winning such a great guy, hope to be friends with both, will certainly keep my hands off him, call me directly & immediately with any problems on this subject

    2. Always ask the Girlfriend is it's OK to dance with him, etc. and only comms with him w/her present

    • I don't want to be mates with a trouble maker... the girlfriend is 20 ish no more than 21 and he's 35... its gross

  • I have to go to a Christmas party tomorrow where there's a girl that I had a falling out with (a friend, never a gf) might be at...I usually just try not to be around her when she's at parties, since I'm there for my other friends, not her, right? (btw, I'm Jewish, I usually just go to Christmas parties because I mainly have Christian friends)

  • Go for the hell of it

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