Should I go to the Christmas party?

i was close with this guy but we had a falling out over his current girlfriend... we haven't spoken since but I'm still connected to his business paige on Facebook.. during the year we haven't spoken he seems to put things on his business paige to help me out with my current issue e.g. if I'm lacking motivation to go to the gym he places motivational videos etc its like he is still keeping tabs on me.. he advertised for his business Christmas party that I was involved with but left after the falling out with him...i recently wrote on my status I wish I was first on someone list and he wrote under his advert to the Christmas party : just because you guys don't get an official invite doesn't mean we don't want you guys to come ok? even the way he writes he's status is similar to mine...


Most Helpful Guy

  • Oh yes. And you can tell them what happened and then walk out of the house and never go back. And let him see you and don't let him run you like that. And no more texting or Facebook update balogna. No cel phone garbage or letters. No more. New Time.