Are you "energy-conscious" (aka, don't waste electricity) when you are NOT directly paying the electical cost?

Me staying at a hotel for New Year's had me thinking about this.


Frankly, it's easy to be conscious about conserving electricity when you're paying for it...

whether it be an electric bill,

an electricity surcharge at your place of lodging,

or if you're at work and you're getting paid to keep business costs down.


But when you're NOT directly paying for electrical cost, that's another story for some people.

At the hotel room I was at, I still turned off lights I wasn't using, turned off the TV, etc, when I left the room...although I wasn't being charged for electrical usage.


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Thanks for answering! :-D

  • Yes, I do try be "conservative" electricity even if I'm not paying for it
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  • Honestly, no I don't
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  • I'm very energy conscious and have been so since a fairly young age, my late grandmother instilled that unneeded lights = wasted money = big sin. Therefore we always shut off the lights off when it wasn't needed. She was one of those that basically lived as if WW2 was still ongoing. Air conditioning in the summers were switched on only when there was a genuine need for it, otherwise the sea breeze will do, winter months, you can turn on the heat if you're still feeling cold after you've put on 3 layers and a house coat.

    These days I work for a company that among other thing

    s it sells is power-generation infrastructure and see the huge amounts of fuels required to keep a nation going therefore I tend to be rather conservative when it comes to usage of energy.

    Lights, it depends on the type of light it is, if it is a CFL bulb or a fluorescent tube lamp then I only switch it off if I'm going to be out of the room for an hour or more otherwise it's better to leave it on as these lamps use as much energy as leaving the lights on for 2 hours just to start it up depending on the ballast and frequent switching it on and off will shorten the lifespan of the bulb.

    Whenever I buy a new home, the first thing I do is I ensure the house is energy and space efficient. I never live in a place that is bigger than I need. After that I always ensure the building has most if not all the modern energy saving features installed if it isn't already installed.

    Just recently I refurbished an old apartment, first thing done was to insulate it especially at the ceiling. Then I had all the windows replaced with triple-glazed ones for insulation, noise control and security, had a new boiler and under-floor heating installed, all lights were replaced with LEDs and controlled automatically to either dim or shut off by occupancy sensors. Also had several solar panels installed as these are "free" sources of energy. Appliances that are older were also replaced with newer ones that are more energy efficient and durable.

    Hoping that would cut down energy bills and consumption by at least 2/3.


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  • I do! that's how I was raised, and it's just habit for me to turn off the lights whenever I leave a room. I tend to leave some lights on while I'm at school though, but that's because otherwise the other rooms are really dark so I use the other lights to help.. I'm not at the point though, where I unplug all electronics when not using them

  • For the most part. Except at uni I paid them and we had no ac in the summer months, but they wanted me to turn off the lights when leaving the bathroom? For what I was paying I could leave those babies on if I wanted to.

  • Yes I'm still energy conscious even when I'm not paying for it, but I think it's out of habit. Turn off lights, TV, unplug electronics that are not in use.

    The only thing I suck at (even at home when I'm paying the bill) is water conservation.

  • Even though I pay for all electrical charges in my home, I sometimes leave the light on when I'm gone for like 2 minutes. But overall I turn off everything, not cause I'm a cheapo but cause I care about the planet. My sister on the other hand is a careless person, she leaves the light on in the bedroom while she's in the kitchen. She can have ALL lights on in the house and only use one room... even though she wants to take care of the planet hah.

  • i am. but I can do better, not perfect but I do try. no I'm not paying

  • Honestly, I wish I was more conscious! I'm really not D: but when I start paying my own bills I'm sure that'll change! (at least in my case)

  • Yes, I'm not one of those people who will take advantage just because someone else is paying for it.

  • I don't pay any of the bills at mine and my bfs apartment: he makes 2x + per hour and works fulltime plus side jobs, where as I only work parttime...I do however give him x amount every week and uy the grocies and cleaning and stuff. But yes, I unplug the microwave, chargers laptop TV and turn off dripping taps and what not. Its not a lot (about 15% cheaper per month for unplugging stuff) but in a year it adds up!

  • Not even a little bit I'm ashamed to say

  • very, my computer is always on though... but otherwise I use an oil lamp at night, rarely turn on the heat, use my grey water to water plants and collect rain water, I am also getting into hand washing my clothes and dishes.

  • leaving a room yeah but otherwise not really. also not like I'm turning every single thing on just to do it either. I've already paid for it so I'm gonna use it. def taking long showers at a hotel or if its already included in rent.

    let the hate start :P


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  • Whether if I'm paying for it or not, When I'm at someone else's house, I turn stuff on when I enter a room then I turn it off when I leave a room. When I realize how things absorb so much electricity, I use less of what I can, I try to plug things out when I'm not using it, etc etc.

    I can understand if people aren't concerned about a public property when it comes to electric usage but its very decent of a person to be conscious about others regardless.

    • Hell no, lol.

      Neither my roommate nor I turn anything off when we leave the room or really care about how much energy we use since we pay a flat rate per semester on the room. We don't have an AC, but we leave the lights, fans, tvs, computers etc on constantly. We also leave all of our chargers plugged in constantly leading to what I'm sure adds up to a lot of "vampire power" being used for no reason. Same deal with taking long hot showers.

      When I'm home I conserve as much power as I can

    • Whoops meant to make this separate post not a comment. As to what you said though, I do try to have as little impact as possible when I'm at other peoples houses. It's just in my dorm they charge us (a lot...) a certain amount per year no matter how many kWh we use and after a while you just stop caring.

    • fair enough

  • Yeah I do, it's a habit, like making sure the faucet's not running.

  • I'm always turning lights off after people. Use just small lights (they're way nicer anyways).

  • Yea I am, even when I'm not paying for it. I just do it naturally because I know it may help some. I recycle and all that good ole' stuff :-)

  • Yes, I am.

  • No. I blast the AC to like 40 F degrees in hotel rooms. That's the biggest cost in an electric bill here and I always keep the AC at around 77 F in the house so that the bill in not insane. Everything else in a hotel I do about the same.

  • I always turn off lights and most of my electronics in my room turn off a few hours of not being used.

    only thing is I like a warm house so I don't do the temperature thing. if I had the money to get my own house I would install solar panels.