Happy New Years; What should I do ?

I have just got released from jail for about a week now. And my girlfriend, now ex; just gave birth to a Beautiful Baby girl . We do not know who is the father yet ; either me or her Baby daddy. I live with them both, and it is driving me insane because; she is still trying to be with us both . I am confused because I want to leave but , both of them tell me to stay and take advantage . It is difficult to even relax ; I do not know what to do ? my homeboy to me; to just talk to both of them . and to come to a agreement with them . And see where that goes.


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  • well, move out, once you have the means, and until you have the mean take advantage of their kindness(and not abuse it) and once you have the means and move out try to stay close so it like you can't visit each other often

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  • You really need to work towards getting a job and moving out. Either the kid will turn out to be your's, in which case you'll have to support it, or it'll turn out to be his and they'll need space to raise the little one. I imagine it's the case that whichever way the chips fall, you won't be getting back with your ex, so moving out is a solution to keeping her boundaries in check and giving you space to move on and get your own life started up.

    • Thank you very much.

    • You're welcome ^^

  • It sounds like she wants a relationship with both of you. If you think you can handle it, go for it. I'm actually considering having open relationships because it gets annoying trying to commit to just one person. You're more likely going to get sick of them and bored. It does feel weird at first because I grew up with the notion that we're supposed to be with just one person but now I see life in a different light. Do what makes you happy but keep communication and honesty open.

  • Yikes well maybe don't disown the child she's gona need a good father.Try visiting family and friends and be happy its a New Year!

  • If you just got out of jail you need to be focusing on YOU and surround yourself with people that are going to help you get to a good place and this situation is definitely NOT that. I think you need to take steps for DNA testing to find out if you are the baby's father and if so step up and be the father. Otherwise I think you need to run from this situation as fast as you can and focus on you!

  • sounds like a good episode of jerry springer. lolol ruuuun as fast as you can from that sitch.

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  • It would be best if you will earn something for yourself and live independently and pursue your happiness thus your comfort.