Is this true about grading in college?

I feel as though I am being played like a fool. No one has not put anything in writing to me about this. I am college. I have sent emails to the Dean and teacher about my grade appeal. No response in emails.

The first time teacher never graded our work, lost papers, and handed back papers very late She did not follow the grading system at all. She gave me a bad grade. The Dean called me today and said to me that he do agree with my grade and there is no requirement that a teacher has to grade papers during the semester? What? I find it strange this all going to be "he say she say" The dean said this to me over the phone. Nothing in writing. Is this true? Your thoughts and point of view?

Can anybody answer my question?
You both thought I did something wrong. Well, guess what the teacher edit my paper. She deleted what I gave her in MSword. I have proof of what I gave her. She wanted me to get a C so bad.This is so crazy to me I never had a teacher who never graded papers. Then just do this to a student.