Im not offended by this but...?

I'm in an interracial relationship. I'm black. Been with my boyfriend 2 years. I met his parents in the middle of last year. Before meeting them, I... Show More


Well my fam wouldn't say anything racially negative about white people... We are a family with diff racial backgrounds...

To be clear... I was just worried about what my boyfriend would think about it since he got so offended just because I was a little afraid the grandparents may not approve of us because I'm black... In the beginning I thought "maybe he thinks that our conversation about race validated my fear."

I've got my plan now! Thanks everyone!

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  • I was always annoyed with racist point of view. If a guy love a girl, he loves her race too. He was supposed to say something. It was the least he should do.

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    • I just laughed because I thought it was funny. She was really sweet so I don't think she meant anything negative. I just don't want him thinking I found it offensive :)

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    • Read about all these nazi rallies and stuff lol

    • Tnx for B.A.