How do I get over this girl?

Basically I fell in love with this girl last year. She didn't and doesn't feel the same way about me but she knows how I feel. Right now she is currently talking to/seeing a guy from out of town and 99% of the time I'm perfectly fine just being friends with her.

What gets me though is every now and then when I see her on Facebook or twitter posting something cute or flirty to or about him. It really makes my stomach churn and I feel like crap for a little while. Then I'm okay again. Now with the new semester about to start we are in the same major and taking 3 classes at the same time. I don't know how I'm going to be able to handle that. Any tips or suggestions?


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  • I agree with the others although I would wait till your feelings go then try to find someone else because you don't want to rush into anything till she is out of your head otherwise it will be really conflicting and not fair on others girls, I was like this with a guy in scotland for a year and it took me another half a year to get over him, I don't know what I say in him because he's a douche and shows himself up when he's drunk lol but it killed me the whole time I was in the same classes as him and seeing him around college, felt like my heart my being torn out the whole time and I just cried in the college toilets a lot, was bad times and well... it changed my decisions about a lot of things, now I'm not even ready to like anyone again, I haven't been for a while now, don't let this hurt you any more like I did.


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  • Move on, start hanging out with other girls, ignore her, etc. You can be friends with her but don't do anything other than the motions of the basic friendship. I know it hurts but you have to separate yourself from her for a while.

  • Avoid her. It's really crappy - but I've been there - was in love with a guy for almost two years - we were in the same class all the time and it was hell... Then I changed classes (we all did, it wasn't because of him) and I stopped being in love with him pretty quickly... Unsubscribe to her on Facebook - that way you are still friends but you won't have her love life thrown in your face all the time. The guy I was in love with... Well, I can laugh at that now. It would never have worked out - it was my imagination that made up a perfect guy that didn't excist... It's so good to be over that... Best of luck ;)

    • I want to defriend/unfollow her but it is really hard. I genuinely want to be friends with her because she is a great person. I guess I'm starting to realize that it is just impossible to be that friend when I still care for her.

  • if it true can always be her friend in the future...for now, take care of yourself so you can move on. she will be fine.

    you can't be her friend when you have that much feelings for her.

  • Just imagine, if you put all the time and attention that you put in to this girl was put into someone who likes you back...That would be one hell of relationship.

    My advice, this girl is just a crush of which you will have many!

    If you want a real relationship look around you and see who is genuinely worth your time.

    • Problem with meeting people is for the last 3 years I have worked a full time job. I'm quitting in 2 weeks though so I hope that helps

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    • Well I have worked at a grocery store. VERY little potential haha

    • I challenge you to smile and look into the eyes of at least one attractive girl each day... it doesn't matter how she reacts to you, its to get you some practice so when you do see someone your interested in you will come across as confident and able to start talking to her, work on doing this each day and you never know one of them might just give you acute smile back!

  • If you don't want to delete her from your accounts then try just hiding her posts (done through account settings). Try surrounding yourself with fun and interesting people, start a new hobby. Trying to occupy yourself will help keep your mind off her!

  • Just try to move on, it won't be easy but you have to do it for your own good.

  • Stop looking on FB at her, unfriend her. Cut off all ties, then no stomach churnning. Voila! Then, get out there & date. Date everyone you can until you find a good relationship & then you will be over her. That's called "moving on."


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  • Unsubscribe/unfriend on FB, unfollow on Twitter. Sorry but it's nearly impossible to be "friends" with someone you're attracted to because ultimately you know you want more. Cut off contact and only respond necessarily when she looks for you. Flirting and chasing other women is usually the fastest way to get over someone. Men get rejected all the time, it happens to even the best of us. Deal with it and move on to the next girl.

    Very often the girl you think you were in love with isn't really what you imagined her to be once you start having a real relationship with her. Get rid of the delusion that she's "the one" or "the perfect girl" because you'd never know that until you start dating someone.

  • Start f***ing other girls, lol kidding, start dating other girls I had this something happen to me last year and at the start of this year I stop talking to her. I'm moving on and now I don't care about what she's doing. I does get me if I see her around however I know sooner or later I'll get completely over her. You can do the same because I was a sucker for this chick and she took advantage of my kindness "granted half of the nice things I did she didn't ask for" despite what I did she never did any thing for me sept bake me some nasty ass "cookie things" on my birthday.

    bottom line, start talking to new girls, your in college, I'm in the military. two completely different worlds. Honestly you should focus more time on your studies then on this girl. Stop being her friend stop holding the door open for her, STOP BEING HER "GIRL-FRIEND". Man up kick her out of your life and start doing things that interest you, and long behold you'll meet a better girl doing those same things.

  • 1) Delete her off your phone.

    2) Delete her off of Facebook, Twitter, email, etc.

    3) Ignore her entirely.

    This is what I do to get over a girl I like but she doesn't like me. It's the most efficient way for me, at least! Try it out, and see if it works!