How do I get over this girl?

Basically I fell in love with this girl last year. She didn't and doesn't feel the same way about me but she knows how I feel. Right now she is currently talking to/seeing a guy from out of town and 99% of the time I'm perfectly fine just being friends with her.

What gets me though is every now and then when I see her on Facebook or twitter posting something cute or flirty to or about him. It really makes my stomach churn and I feel like crap for a little while. Then I'm okay again. Now with the new semester about to start we are in the same major and taking 3 classes at the same time. I don't know how I'm going to be able to handle that. Any tips or suggestions?


Most Helpful Girl

  • I agree with the others although I would wait till your feelings go then try to find someone else because you don't want to rush into anything till she is out of your head otherwise it will be really conflicting and not fair on others girls, I was like this with a guy in scotland for a year and it took me another half a year to get over him, I don't know what I say in him because he's a douche and shows himself up when he's drunk lol but it killed me the whole time I was in the same classes as him and seeing him around college, felt like my heart my being torn out the whole time and I just cried in the college toilets a lot, was bad times and well... it changed my decisions about a lot of things, now I'm not even ready to like anyone again, I haven't been for a while now, don't let this hurt you any more like I did.